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Display Expo 2011: NewSight Japan brings 3D to iPad and iPhone!

Ever wondered what was missing on your Shiny New iPad gadget or iPhone (whatever version)? Nope this isn't NFC, but 3D! And since Steve doesn't believe yet in 3D you will have to rely on clever guys like Kiyoto KANDA to develop a nifty trick that will bring 3D photos to iOS devices like your shiny new iPad 2 by applying a dedicated film on top of your iPad screen associated to a dedicated software that will make 3D photo visible in 3D on your device without loosing its Multitouch functionality.

Despite this trickery the result is in fact quite convincing and really bring acceptable 3D photos to your device for cheap and without the needs to replace your device screen!


Logitech Alert App for iPad Released

Logitech is mostly known for its computer webcams, but the company also has a line of home security cameras called Logitech Alert gadget. It has just been supplemented with the Logitech Alert iPad app. The application is designed to see what's going on in a home or office, from an Internet access – and an iPad. If you've missed the action in real-time, it is also possible to look at video that was previously recorded by Alert Web and Mobile Commander, two additional Logitech services. The system can stream “720p HD video” complete with sound, says Logitech.

The App itself is free, and allows users to watch a live video at no charge. However, video recording uses premium features (Alert Web and Mobile Commander) that cost $79.99. The system works with all the current “Logitech Alert” cameras, which costs $229.99 or more. In the home surveillance domain, Logitech can differentiate itself by using superior optics. For example, its camera is much better than a DropCam Echo, for a similar price point. Both systems are slightly different and I recommend checking them both.


iPad 2 Screen Protector Could Disguise Lesser Tablets

I have never seen the point of screen protectors on glass screens: they add bubbles, they never go on straight and they are usually more prone to scratching than the glass they are supposed to protect. Still, if I was in the market for an iPad screen protector, then I might take a look at the Moshi iVisor AG.

Unlike the usual plastic film kits, the iVisor actually looks like the front of an iPad, with a black or white bezel to match your model. It has cut-outs for camera and home button, and supposedly goes on bubble-free, every time. In this respect it looks more like a slightly floppy, thickish cover than a sticky film, and this is confirmed by its ability to be reused after a bit of cleaning.

I think Moshi has missed an opportunity here. Instead of making the white version iPad 2-only, it should make it for the iPad 1, too. That way we could upgrade our ugly, fat slow and bloated old iPads to look like the sleek, fast and supermodel-hot new iPad 2. Hell, you could probably even take that Motorola Xoom that your idiot boyfriend/girlfriend bought you as a gift and cover up your shame.

The iVisor gadget will cost you $30, which is $9 less than Apple's Smart Cover. Both seem to be pretty good options for protecting your iPad's screen with minimal thickness-encroachment.


Kobo Comes to Next3 Android Craplet, Will Probably Sell a Tonl

Cheap craplets like the Nextbook may be the only tablets than can sell in an iPad-dominated market

You remember how — back when people still bought MP3 players — almost everybody had an iPod? I say “almost”, as there were some holdouts who opted for non-Apple players. But they weren't buying Sony or Samsung in any numbers. They were buying the cheap-o players that cost pocket money.

And so I think it will go with the iPad. The PlayBooks and Xooms aren't going to sell more than a handful of units, but a super-cheap, stripped down tablet might. If somebody has $500 to spend on a tablet, they're buying an iPad. But there will be people who want a tablet but will never have that kind of money to spend. They will go for the cheap, no-name tablets.

Which brings us, at last, to the Next3. It runs the “latest” version of Android (v2.1), has an 8.4 inch touch-screen, an accelerometer, a speaker and a “built-in battery” (I told you it was stripped down). There's no 3G, but you do get Wi-Fi.

The Next 3 is being positioned as an e-reader, and had partnered up with Borders to put free books on the machine. Since launch, Borders has filed for bankruptcy, and now the Next3 can be had with the Kobo reader app and store. Kobo is a pretty good e-reader that works on pretty much any device.

The price for the Next3? $300. Even that may not be cheap enough, but at least somebody is trying to make crappy tablets for less than an iPad gadget, rather than crappy tablets for more than the iPad gadget.


Logitech Alert (App) for iPad

Logitech has just released an iPad specific Alert security system app. This new app enables you to view HD video (720p) and listen to sound captured by your Logitech Alert security system via your iPad. This past month, I reviewed the Logitech Alert 750i Master System…..thought so highly of it, I have replaced our old ADT service with it. The Logitech Alert digital video security system gadget enables you to check in on your HD security cameras from wherever you are, using your iPod Touch (via WiFi), smartphone, computer and, as of this week, your iPad. Like the rest of Logitech's web-viewer apps, this app is free.


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