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Louis Vuitton foldable iPad cases now available

Louis Vuitton is probably best known as a luxury fashion brand, as opposed to a maker of iPhone and iPad accessories, but that hasn't the fashion house from churning out one accessory after the other, and given that their accessories usually exude a sense of classiness, we imagine that there are quite a few out there who probably appreciate it.

The fashion house has just released two new iPad cases and will be available in either their famed Monogram design, which features gold brass detailing, holes for headphones, dock connector, volume control and the on/off button, or their Taiga leather case, which essentially features pretty much the same things as the Monogram design.

They're both foldable and can be propped up to be used as a viewing stand too. Unfortunately with most (if not all) things Louis Vuitton related, the Monogram case will retail for $686 while the Taiga case will set you back $815. Ouch.
source: Ubergizmo

Restaurant in New York completely replaces menus with iPad 2

Don't you just hate it when you go to a restaurant, place your order with the waiter, and after emphatically conveying to the waiter three times that you do not want parsley in your salad, it comes covered with the stuff?

Granted sometimes it can be the chef's mistake who may be so used to pushing out stock orders that he/she forgets that this order is slightly different, but perhaps this restaurant in New York will be able to cut down on waiter/waitress mistakes and improve efficiency.

Located in New York City's West Village, De Santos is a high-end Italian restaurant and they're also apparently the first restaurant in New York to fully make use of the iPad 2 as a menu.

Given that each iPad costs about $500, it does seem like a pretty expensive investment, but the owners are convinced that it will pay off itself eventually by streamlining orders, making the ordering system more efficient. Orders taken will be sent directly to the kitchen via WiFi, and bills can also be paid via the iPad through the use of Square (a mobile payment system launched by Twitter's co-founder Jack Dorsey) and a custom point-of-sale system.

If you're in New York or perhaps planning a trip, perhaps you might want to experience this iPad ordering/paying experience by visiting De Santos. Let's just hope that they have a backup plan in case the WiFi goes down for whatever reason!

source: Ubergizmo

Boxee app now available on the iPad

Do you love watching videos on your iPad or iPad 2 but get frustrated by the long conversion process or transferring, especially if you constantly update your tablet with new shows? Well, you no longer have to do all that anymore. Boxee has just launched its iPad app that will allow you to stream just about any video format from your computer to your iPad and if you have a Boxee Box, you can even push video from your tablet to it - talk about useful!

In addition to streaming videos straight from your computer, the Boxee iPad app has a bookmarklet that you can add to your browser's tool bar to let you save videos to your Boxee account for later viewing on your computer, Boxee Box or iPad. Integrated social networking let users share videos with their friends over Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and the Featured option let users access videos that have been featured by Boxee's editorial staff in case they run out of things to watch. Boxee for the iPad is available now from the Apple App Store (free).
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Elecom announced yet another Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

Elecom announced yesterday the TK-FBP030E Series, available in Black and White, a new 11mm thick thin Bluetooth Keyboard sold with a dedicated pouch made for the iPad and iPad2, the TK-FBP030E Series can also be used with both iPhone and Ipod touch, as well as Macs and any other Bluetooth capable devices.

Announced at 11,235 Yen in Japan with its Pouch, the TK-FBP030E Series keyboard will be available pretty much everywhere in the land of the rising sun within September.
source: Akihabara News

Vudu starts streaming movies to the iPad, chooses the web app route

Now that Vudu has started streaming movies to PCs over the web, we're not surprised that starting today, it's moving to the iPad as well but what is surprising is the decision to stream over the web and forego a dedicated app. This approach lets the Wal-mart-owned (and fully integrated) video delivery company avoid the restrictions of Apple's app store and any additional fees, but unfortunately still means that like the PC, it's restricted to standard definition resolution and due to licensing issues is missing any flicks from Disney. The company plans to keep expanding onto other platforms like Android soon (if you must, the site does work on the iPhone right now but the UI isn't optimized for it yet) but it appears accessibility is replacing high quality HDX streaming as the service's most notable trait, for better or worse.

Press Release:
Walmart Brings VUDU's Movie Streaming Service to iPad More than 20,000 blockbusters, Hollywood classics and independent films can be instantly streamed through on iPad

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and BENTONVILLE, Ark. – (Aug. 10, 2011) – Walmart announced today the launch of VUDU for the iPad. VUDU, a leading subscription-free, video-on-demand movie service and wholly owned subsidiary of Walmart stores, has optimized the navigation experience of to enable millions of iPad owners to rent or buy entertainment content and then stream it easily through any iPad browser.

Beginning today, iPad users can go to and browse through VUDU's entertainment content library, which includes more than 20,000 blockbusters, Hollywood classics, independent films and TV episodes, then rent or purchase and watch them instantly. For one touch access to VUDU, customers can add a VUDU icon to their iPad desktops by clicking the "Add to Home Screen" button when on

"At Walmart, one of our key priorities is to provide one continuous experience for our customers to interact with our brand - whether that is in stores, online or from their mobile devices," said Edward Lichty, general manager, VUDU. "VUDU's launch on the iPad plays into that vision as we're committed to offering the VUDU experience on as many devices as possible so customers can shop for and access their favorite movies and TV shows however they want, whenever they want."

Movies purchased and/or rented on the iPad can also be viewed on, or on any VUDU-enabled consumer electronics device. VUDU is currently available on more than 300 consumer electronics devices including Internet-capable HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc players and the PlayStation 3 - more than any other pay-per-view service. . About VUDU A leader in HD streaming, VUDU offers the world's largest online selection of HD movies, including thousands of blockbusters, Hollywood classics and indies available in stunning HDX 1080p with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound. Movies are available the same day they are released on DVD or Blu-ray, and can be rented or purchased without a subscription. VUDU is available on Internet-capable HDTVs and Blu-ray Disc players from FUNAI Electronics (Magnavox, Sylvania), LG Electronics, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, SANYO, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba and VIZIO, and on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system from Sony. VUDU is a wholly owned subsidiary of Walmart Stores, Inc., and is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. For more information, visit http://

About Walmart Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT) serves customers and members more than 200 million times per week at over 9,200 retail units under 69 different banners in 28 countries. With fiscal year 2011 sales of $419 billion, Walmart employs 2.1 million associates worldwide. Walmart continues to be a leader in sustainability, corporate philanthropy and employment opportunity. Additional information about Walmart

can be found by visiting and on Twitter at Online merchandise sales are available at and
source: Engadget

iPad Kneeboard Sport mount was designed for pilots in mind

The use of the iPad as a tool for pilots is starting to catch on. After all the large screen along with its long lasting battery life, coupled with a huge variety of GPS and map apps to go along with it makes it a pretty obvious choice for pilots to use during their flights. However, much like driving, a pilot would be required to concentrate on his/her flying rather than fiddling around with the iPad.

MyGoFlight has introduced a new series of iPad mounts which was designed for pilots who did not have as much space in the cockpit as a commercial pilot would have. Think tight cockpits where the control stick has to be placed between the pilot's knees. This is the main difference between the iPad Kneeboard Pro, which was launched last year, and the iPad Kneeboard Sport.

The iPad Sport NR is another mount introduced by MyGoFlight which attaches via a suction cup and comes along with a glare shield. If you're a pilot or you know a pilot and would like to get them the mount as a gift, just head on down to MyGoFlight's website.
source: Ubergizmo

News360 2.0 brings web app, updates for iPad and Honeycomb

In a world packed with more news aggregation services and RSS readers than we could ever need, only a few manage to rise to the top. News360 is an example of one such service, and we have mentioned it several times here on BGR. The app is available across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, QNX and Windows Phone, and has become a very popular option thanks to its beautiful UI and its unique approach to news delivery. Historically, the app has provided users with news collected from more than 5,000 sources across a variety of categories, weeding through them and presenting each story from a single source. Readers looking to delve deeper into a story can then browse through a list of other publications that have covered it, and then read the stories as they choose. Now, News360 does all that and more, as the just-released News360 2.0 adds personalization services as well as a Web app, opening the service up to anyone with a PC and an Internet connection. What's more, the service can now analyze your activity across social networks to create an interest graph and custom tailor news for each individual user. “We don't just look at your 'Likes', we look at a wide swath of actions: bookmarks, subscriptions, and the items you share to gain an understanding of what you like to read,” News 360 CEO Roman Karachinsky said in a statement. ”This process is completely transparent: we'll show you what your interest graph looks like and let you edit it to refine your experience even further.” These new features are now available for the iPad and Honeycomb versions of the app, as well as the new Web app. News360′s full press release follows below.

News Gets Personal with News360 2.0: Discover All The News That Matters On Any Mobile Device and the Web

Popular Newsreader Launches Web Version, Major Upgrades for iPad and Android Tablets; Introduces First "Reverse Search" Engine Based on Analysis of Your Social Cloud

San Francisco, Calif., August 10, 2011 - News360, the popular cross-platform newsreader that looks at the world's top stories from every angle, today released News360 2.0, which introduces a Web-based version of the app, and upgrades for iPad and Android Honeycomb tablet users. The new release marks a major upgrade that introduces a sophisticated content personalization feature designed to discover the most relevant articles tailored to each user from more than 5,000 sources across the globe. News360 2.0 also introduces features like detailed story chronologies and sharing integrations with Google Plus and Evernote. The free app is available from the App Store and Android Market, and at

News360 2.0 goes beyond broad categories to get to the heart of what matters to each user. With permission, News360 analyzes a user's activity across social and Web services like Evernote, Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader to build a unique interest graph and uncover persistent interests and underlying topic areas. "We don't just look at your 'Likes'," says Roman Karachinsky, CEO, News360. "We look at a wide swath of actions: bookmarks, subscriptions, and the items you share to gain an understanding of what you like to read. This process is completely transparent: we'll show you what your interest graph looks like and let you edit it to refine your experience even further."

"With this release, we're tapping into the power of 'reverse search' to bring users the news they really want," Karachinsky adds. "We start by examining dozens of signals within a single article, revealing contextual subtleties far beyond a broad topic area. Knowing the detailed semantic map of an article, we can match it to each user's individual interest graph to identify the person most likely to find it interesting."

Simultaneously, News360 uses linguistics and semantic analysis to monitor and understand more than 700,000 entities and 100,000 unique articles daily, looking at the quality of the writing, tone, subject, source, author and much more. Gaining a deep understanding of both user and content allows for seamless matchmaking, creating a "reverse search" effect where quality content finds its ideal user.

The newly released Web-based version of News360 allows users to sync their interest graph across News360 for mobile phones, tablets and the Web. Users can also share parts of the interest graph with their friends, allowing them to integrate the results into their own news experience. Updates for iPhone, Android Smartphones, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry devices are due out later this fall.

"Our mission is to provide a single platform that filters through the noise and helps you stay informed and save time, no matter which device you are on," says Karachinsky. "But that could mean different things to each user: keeping up on the biggest world events, local news, social updates, commentary, or blog posts about obscure hobbies. There is no other option out there that brings all this content together under one umbrella and packages it into an experience that's fun and easy to navigate on the web or on the go, except News360."

News360 has been downloaded more than 500,000 times and maintains a five-star average rating across 2,100 reviews in the App Store.
source: Boy Genius Report

iPad 2 to face more delays again?

It wasn't too long ago when Apple was plagued by iPad 2 shortages which were allegedly caused in part by LG Display, who shipped a batch of faulty displays that apparently caused light leakages. Slowly but surely Apple managed to get things back on track and have recently managed to bring down their estimated shipping time back to 24 hours, but it appears that it might have only been a minor reprieve.

As it turns out, according to Digitimes, LGD has been plagued by glitches found in their recent display panels, failing to pass drop tests, during which their backlight units failed. Their yield rates were also not up to Apple's standards and have since only managed to ship 2.5-2.6 million units, which is over a million short from their goal of 4 million units shipped in Q3.

Given that Samsung and Apple are currently embroiled in a patent infringement lawsuit, it's unlikely that Apple will turn to Samsung to pick up the slack and may turn to Chimei Innolux instead, which we're not sure has the capacity and resources to pick up where LGD left off. What this could mean for us consumers is that there's a small chance we might see another delay of the iPad 2, so if you have been sitting on the fence thinking about getting one, you should probably act fast before the delay hits us.
source: Ubergizmo

Boxee launches iPad app, new Box update, media server and bookmarklet today

The long awaited Boxee for iPad app is finally ready to launch, and coming with it is a fresh update for the Boxee Box, plus new Media Manager software for your PC or Mac to make streaming locally stored files to the tablet or PC even easier. We got an early look at the iPad app (which lacks access to the Box's apps) and while the interface had been lightly reworked since our last hands-on experience at CES it was very crash prone, with a tendency to close suddenly while streaming videos from YouTube or a connected PC. Boxee Box owners may not have to worry about that however, since the new v1.2 update adds AirPlay compatibility as an "experiment" for any online content (check after the break for the full list of changes). The Media Manager software on the PC makes it easier to organize content for playback on the tablet or Box, while a new Watch Later Bookmarklet also makes one-click sharing of online video from browser to device possible. All in all the idea is to make Boxee the "one place to discover, watch and share video" no matter where you are and we can see it getting there -- once everything stays up and running consistently.

Press Release:
Boxee Box 1.2 Release Notes
New Features / Enhancements
Networking & File Playback
Added support for Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)
Added support for Network File System (NFS)
Enhanced support for SMB/CIFS shares
Added support for Boxee Media Manager
Consolidated network shares under the server name
Ability to filter premium content sources like Netflix, HBOGo, VUDU, etc. in library
Reordered Apps library
New "Featured Apps" section
Updated App categories
Support for seek within a video on first right/left click (when OSD is still not open)
Seek forward is now 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds
"Jump to letter" sidebar in libraries now shows current letter location
Improved HTML 5 video support
Resetting display settings leaves previous setting data intact
Add support for HDMI output YUV422 and YUV444
Add support for HDMI output 30 and 36 bit color
HDMI "Black Level" settingnow RGB "High and Low"
Bug fixes
Networking & File Playback
Problem with manually resolving a movie that has NFO file
Fixed adult filter for local content in manual resolve
HLS Playback ends abruptly
SMB: boxee crash when selecting "No results found"
"Resume playback from [end of video time marker]" shows up on videos that have been previously played all the way to the very end.
When trying to play a movie again after it ended the play dialog offers to resume the movie from the movies last second
Soundtrack loses Dolby Digital indication every 10s, without any relation to commercials spots
SAMBA Authentication to Servers Accepting NTLMv2 Only Fails
Boxee doesn't resolve TV Shows with ID located only in the tvshow.nfo
.m2ts Thumbnails Are Gray (When Viewing In Files)
After clicking play (from paused state) the OSD should immediately disappear
TV Show files that are deleted aren't removed from the library
Video file playing across network stops playing
Video files containing "@" in the file path are not identified
Videos on Vimeo do not play. and the device has to be restarted manually
Vimeo - couch mode freeze after 10-15 minutes of playback, also freeze for a long time between videos
API Command SeekTime() is not working
SnagFilms Documentaries playback stops prior to loading 2nd commercial
Local TV shows take an extremely long time to load
Watched TV Show Trigger not working
Unable to remove a show from favorites when there is no content for the show
Default focus when getting to exit confirmation in browser should be Exit not Stay
HTML video tag causes page redraw issues... until video starts playing crashes boxee browser
CNBC online video does not play will not open in the browser
Localization: GERMAN Replace "Bewertung" for MPAA-Rating with "FSK"
Various Fixes to minimise Plasma Burn in
Additional Keyboard names are not according the languages names but only in English (using the directory name)
Increase subtitle sync limit from 50 to 200
Boxee Box appears to be clipping black & white levels
Known limitations
Streaming to the Boxee client via Airplay from the app is limited to online content (cannot steam local content via Boxee Media Manager)
source: Engadget

Composite lets you remix your surroundings with an iPad 2

Bored of regular photography apps that don't let you show off your true creativity on the iPad? After all, there are only so many times you can use the same filters and effects until you get bored right? Well, an artist named James Alliban who was inspired by the neo-dadaist collages of Robert Rauschenberg recently released an app that lets users “paint” their own photographs.

Called Composite, it allows users to remix their surroundings to create compositions. Users paint pictures just by pointing the camera of their iPad 2 at something and then using their finger to draw over it. Since the images caught on camera are constantly changing - it can create extremely interesting compositions. Different brush shapes, sizes and alpha levels are available to create different effects, but the real limits here are your surroundings and how you creatively use them. Completed work can also be shared on social networks with friends, and family.

Composite is available now (iPad 2 only – it needs the camera to work) from the Apple App Store for $1.99.
source: Ubergizmo

Restaurant Uses iPads as Menus, Restroom Mirrors

The best gimmick a restaurant can use is to serve excellent food, hopefully with efficient service. Failing that, the next best thing is… Well, anything really. Stupid menus where you have to read off food combos on a grid and tick the right box, like a math test. Waitresses in tight shorts and t-shirts. And now, iPads instead of menus.

That's just what the “Do at the View” pizza restaurant is doing in Atlanta, Georgia, where you get an iPad instead of a paper menu when you sit at your table. Using the tablet, you can browse the “musically-inspired” (“do” is pronounced “dough,” as in do, re, mi. Get it?) dishes, call your car out of valet parking and change the music playing in the restaurant. You can also enter into the restaurant's private chatroom and harass fellow guests.

It doesn't stop there. In the bathrooms, you'll find iPads on the walls instead of mirrors. In fact, the whole place seems to be designed to stop you from relaxing. Not only do you have to do your own ordering and music-choosing, you also have to contend with graphic displays covering the walls which flicker and flash like an iTunes visualizer.

Despite all this, the menu is priced very reasonably. And thanks to all the iPad-friendliness, Do at the View has a non-Flash website, meaning it is probably the only Web site in the world that can be viewed on a cellphone.

Restaurant site [Do at the View via Cult of Mac]
source: Gadget Lab

iPad 2s and iPhone 4s smuggled into Hong Kong in a creative way

Love or hate Apple, you've got to admit that they create insanely popular products that seem to blend extremely clever marketing and innovative products, which is why it's really not surprising to find out that there are people out there who have been creating fake Apple products or attempting to smuggle them into the country and making a quick and tidy profit. While the concept of smuggling isn't exactly new, perhaps this one takes the cake for being rather innovative (much like Apple's products, which is sort of ironic).

It has been reported by Shenzhen News and the Yangcheng Evening News that the Hong Kong and Chinese customs have managed to crack on smuggling operation that has the workings of a Hollywood produced movie. It seems that the smugglers have somehow managed to shoot a crossbow bolt attached to a cable from the 21st floor of a high-rise building in Shenzhen, 300m across the border to a small rural house in Hong Kong. iPhone 4s and iPad 2s were then placed into a black nylon bag which was then pulled across the border in the early hours of the morning via a makeshift pulley.

The good news is that the smugglers have been caught and the police have managed to seize 50's iPad 2 and 50's iPhone 4, reportedly worth about three hundred thousand yuan (US$46,583).
source: Ubergizmo

Smugglers use zip line and slingshot to sneak iPads into Shenzhen

Chinese smugglers turned to a rather low-tech method for getting a pile of decidedly high-tech iPads and iPhones across the border to Shenzhen, in a scheme to make money off of regional tax differences. The unsanctioned exporters fired a slingshot from a high-rise in Shenzen, dragging a zip line down to a small house just across the Sha Tau Kok river in Hong Kong. They then sent canvas bags loaded with the gadgets flying through the night sky along the projectile-placed cable - at least until authorities spotted the gear hurtling through the air, that is. Police recovered about $46,000 worth of Apple products (and four culprits) when they discovered the end of the 300-meter line. Check out the video below for a little Chinese-language news coverage of the story and a glimpse an the simple, but ingenious, smuggling rig.
source: Engadget

Apple's iPad will still dominate tablet market after a decade, Needham says

Apple's popular iPad line will still dominate the consumer tablet market a full decade after its initial launch, according to one analyst. In a new report, Needham analyst Charlie Wolf sees the iPad's share of consumer tablet shipments declining gradually over the next nine years to 60% in 2020. 60%, of course, is still an overwhelming share of the market. Future tablets are more likely to steal market share from each other rather than from the iPad, the analyst explains, noting that competitive offerings to date have been greeted by consumers with “a yawn and lackluster sales.” Wolf sees iPad shipments reaching 35.61 million units in 2011, up 137.4% from last year and representing 85% of all tablets shipped. In 2012, iPad shipments will grow to 54.3 million units according to Wolf's model, and shipments will hit 72.66 million units in 2013. The analyst sees iPad shipments reaching nearly 140 million units in 2020, representing 60% of all tablets shipped that year and accounting for $53 billion in revenue and $16 billion in profit despite an average selling price that will have dropped to $377 from $630 in 2010. Wolf's 10-year iPad projections follow below.
source: Boy Genius Report

Louis Vuitton Zipped Tote bag for your iPad

If you recall, we have written about the Louis Vuitton iPhone casing and there's actually an iPad casing by Louis Vuitton as well but the Louis Vuitton iPad tote bag brings a bit more practicality with it along with a heart stopping price tag.

When it comes to big fashion brand names, sometimes the price does not justify the product. Much like how you could argue that the price you pay for an entry level MacBook Air could probably buy you a much better Windows-based laptops. While the price for the Louis Vuitton iPad tote bag is still unbelievably expensive, the fact that it can store more than your iPad makes it ever-so-slightly more justifiable.

It is made out of three different types of material – Monogram canvas, heavy calf leather and smooth goat leather and comes with an interior pocket that is big enough for your iPad along with enough room for other items which makes it great for the ladies who will be able to put their lipstick, purse, cellphone, etc in there.

While I'm all about fashion I find it a bit odd and not exactly pleasing to the eyes with the combination of the three materials along with the different colors. However if you just love the material and color combination, the Louis Vuitton Zipped Tote will cost you a whopping $3,800. Imagine how many iPad 2s we could buy with that!
source: Ubergizmo

With iPad Included, Apple Dominates the Notebook Market

Most calculations of market share in the portable computing arena don't include the iPad, which they consider a tablet and not a traditional computer. But becuase tablets seem to be cannibalizing computer sales, it's not a stretch to include iPads in those tabulations.

Based on the line graph above, the notebook landscape changes drastically when iPad is included.

Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore calculated global notebook computer sales up until the second quarter of 2011 in a note to clients. Not including iPad sales, Apple ranks last sales-wise as a manufacturer. Including the iPad? Apple soars to snag the top spot.

Whitmore's note included stats about the top six notebook vendors: Acer, Apple, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Samsung. The top two overall vendors for most of the time period, HP and Acer, have had generally downward trending market shares since second quarter 2010, which is right around when the original iPad debuted.

It's been pretty clear that the iPad has been eating into laptop sales for a while, and this graph corroborates that. But compared to Whitmore's calculations in 2010, Apple's market share including iPad sales has actually gone down slightly, from about 25 percent to 20 percent. Does this mean that all those copy cat tablets are actually edging in on the iPad's market domination? Lenovo's three recently revealed tablet offerings look to be pretty good Android contenders against the iPad, while others like the Samsung Galaxy Tab have had decent sales but still don't make the mark. And according to Digitimes, iPad sales are expected to rise 55 percent in 2012, while non-Apple tablet shipments are expected to jump 134 percent.

“Within the Tablet market, the iPad remains the Gold Standard as competitors struggle for mindshare and traction,” Whitmore says in his note (which must help explain why the iPad is the only tablet included in the second quarter 2011 calculation, when many of the vendors now have tablet models available). He also sees Apple snagging an even larger piece of the pie as the back-to-school season sets in and the Microsoft/PC ecosystem is “relatively stagnant.”

The iPad is very clearly still Apple's prize-winning stallion in the portable computing department. Even with innovative competitors popping up, it's going to take a lot to unseat Apple from its dominant position.
source: Gadget Lab

JAVOedge Apple iPad 2 Mini Stylus Review

it never muffled my voice or caused problems with the calls.

I tried the stylus with the iPad 2 and found that it fit securely with or without the HyperShield back cover on. The curved sides of the iPad 2 leave a lot of the plastic plug uncovered, just like the real Apple connector, but it is held firmly.

So it's designed so that it is always with your iPhone or iPad, but how does it work? It has a black, smooth, rubbery rounded tip that's held to the plastic piece with a metal band. The tip is soft and easily compressed. It's not the same rough, sponge-like material that some capacitive styluses use. I found that I have to hold it more perpendicular to the screen to get it to work well. It doesn't always work when I hold it at an angle like I would a pencil. I also found that I had to press pretty firmly when I was typing. I'm a touch-typist with a real keyboard - all 10 fingers! - but I can't do that on the virtual keyboards. I can usually use one or two fingers on each hand with the virtual keyboards, though. I find it is very slow typing with any stylus because I can only use one finger at a time, as it were. But it does work to type, even with the tiny vertical keyboard on the iPhone 4.

So long as you remember the correct angle, the stylus works well to swipe, tap, slide, or draw on the iPhone or iPad 2 screens. That said, I don't like using the stylus because of its tiny size. Holding it gives me a flashback to writing on the chalkboards during my school days. It feels like you're holding an inch-long nub of chalk. You have to hold your hand in a pinched, cramped position that become somewhat painful if you're doing more than just a couple of swipes. The squared edges press painfully into my fingers, and the plastic connector can poke into my fingers if I don't hold it just right.

I still can't draw, so I asked Rachel to try the Mini Stylus out by doing a drawing for me. (You'll notice she was feeling a bit Goth yesterday.) Rachel spent about an hour working with the stylus, and she found it hard to use for the exact same reasons I mentioned above. She also said the Mini Stylus made it hard to see what she was doing. Its small size doesn't give you a lot of room to hold it, and your fingers block your view because they are so close to your working surface.

I had Butch try the stylus, too. He has the biggest hands in the family, and he found the tiny stylus very hard to use.

I guess my bottom line is that the JAVOedge Mini Stylus will work well to answer my iPhone in the winter. It worked great to "slide to answer" my phone. Having it plugged in to the charging port means it will always be convenient when I need to use it. And at $10, it's cheaper than a lot of those special gloves. I just can't recommend it for more intensive use, though.
source: The Gadgeteer

Belkin unveils Keyboard Folio for iPad 2

Belkin, a name synonymous for producing accessories for both Mac and iOS devices has recently launched a brand new keyboard folio case for your iPad. According to the company their reasoning behind the launch of their keyboard folio is because there has been a demand for a keyboard folio which features better quality keys instead of rubber keys, which in turn will provide a better laptop-styled experience.

With the keyboard being made using TruType hard plastic keys and with a key travel distance of 1.7mm, the company is claiming that this should cut down on typos, increase accuracy and speed. It also features a tri-fold design that will not only protect your iPad's screen when not in use, but also allows the tablet to be propped up at various angles. Other features include:

Premium suede-like feel with stitching
TruType™ keys for comfortable typing
Tri-fold design tucks keyboard away to keep screen protected
Adjustable angles for viewing and typing
Rigid backplate for stand stability
Bluetooth connection avoids messy cables
60-hour active battery life
Micro USB port for charging works with standard cables
Compatible with iPad 2

If all of that sounded good to you, the Belkin Keyboard Folio for iPad 2 is retailing for $99.99 at selected retailers in the US.
source: Ubergizmo

Acer founder says tablets like iPad are a fad

Acer founder Stan Shih on Friday said that tablets like Apple's iPad and ultrabooks like those in the works from numerous Intel partners - including Acer - are a “short-term phenomena.” Speaking with DigiTimes, Shih urged companies to continue focusing on notebook computers and innovative value-added products. Shih commended Apple for thinking outside the box when bringing the iPad to market, but said personal computers will continue to be requisites for businesses and consumers. When asked if Shih believed Acer's upcoming low-cost 7-inch tablet would be a success, he noted that consumers indeed want low-cost options. Shih founded Acer, then called Multitech, in 1976 along with his wife. He ran the company until his retirement in 2004.
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Rdio's iPad app gets approved by Apple, we go eyes-on

Were you excited to try Spotify, only to be dismayed by the lack of native iPad support? Enter Rdio's latest update to its iOS app, now with gratuitous support for Cupertino's sweetheart. Just like its iPhone and iPod touch forebearer, slate fans can now stream music, cache songs, futz with playlists, all while being "social" with friends on the service. Like the company's other mobile apps (on iOS, Android or Blackberry) - and its cross-Atlantic Swedish rival - one has to spring for the pricier $9 monthly sub to unshackle from web-only streaming and enjoy portable bliss. In our quick run-through, we found the app to be slick and fast, and searching for obscure music was painless. With most of our friends strewn across other streaming platforms, the community features fell on deaf ears - so clearly your mileage will vary. Rdio's offering a week-long trial gratis, so go-on and give it a whirl yourself.
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HEX's New Bag Line Houses iPads and Laptops

HEX has announced two new Fall collections of their bag lines – Recon and Varsity. Both lines includes a messenger bag that has an easy-access iPad bay that allows users to interact with their iPad (gen 1 or 2) without having to remove it.

The Recon and Varsity collections are each comprised of eight bag styles including 13" and 15" messenger bags for iPad, laptop bag, 13" & 15" laptop sleeves, and three backpacks. The Recon line is more casual with its industrial grade washed canvas shell fabric that looks weathered. While the Varsity line is made of heather grey wool, giving it a little more classy appearance.

These bags are available for pre-order now at, bags are expected to ship beginning mid-August.
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Skype for iPad officially released

Remember the iPad app for Skype that was released earlier and then pulled off from the App Store? Well, it looks like it is back up again. Following an official announcement on the Skype blog, the Skype for iPad is now officially released for the iPad. If you were wondering about what the big deal is - why the hype when there's already a Skype app on iOS.

Well, this version of the app has been optimized for the iPad, making full use of the extra screen real estate that's available on the tablet instead of just blowing up the size of the iPhone-optimized version. Skype for the iPad brings two-way video calling with other Skype users (on any platform), instant messaging, SMS texting, and more. One of the main advantages that Skype will have over FaceTime is the ability to make video calls over 3G - something that is rumored to be in future versions of iOS but currently not available.

Skype for the iPad is free, though you'll need to pay fees if you'd like to make calls to regular phone lines. Head over to the Apple App Store to download it now.
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Targus Versavu Keyboard+Case for iPad 2

With this angle between the display and keyboard, it's best to work on a table

For those who would rather replace their laptops with an iPad 2, but still want a physical keyboard to type long emails, or edit substantial documents, Targus has come up with the Targus Versavu, Kayboard and Case, a variant of their original Versavu case.

Just like the original Versavu case, the exterior is made of leather (I'm not sure if it's real leather or not), and the part that holds the iPad 2 is made of hard plastic with a leather texture in the back (the iPad “snaps” in place), and it can rotate by 90 degrees to use the iPad 2 in vertical position (portrait).

The keyboard keys are smaller than a full-size laptop QWERTY keyboard, but it's big enough to be substantially better and faster than typing on the iPad 2 virtual keyboard. The other advantage of having an external keyboard is that it frees up screen space that the virtual keyboard would occupy. There is a mini-USB port to charge the keyboard's battery.

The downside of having the keyboard is that it adds bulk to an otherwise ultra-thin device. Of course, you would have to compare with your current iPad case setup. If you have a super-thin case, or none at all, this will radically change the iPad 2 form factor. But if you already have a leather case, the additional bulk may not be so hard to swallow. That said, the Targus Versavu Keyboard and Case is still thicker than my Macbook Pro. Here's a good point of reference.

Left: MacBook Pro (1" thick)

Of course, some would ask “why don't you get a laptop”? It's a legitimate question and I would recommend someone who does not have an iPad yet to think it through. An iPad 2 owner who is contemplating getting this accessory has probably already decided that his/her lifestyle works with iPad 2, but needs a bit of keyboard love. What do you think if the case+keyboard idea?
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Perhaps the Most Beautiful iPad/iPad 2 Case – Ever!

Skytop Trading Leather makes gorgeous leather goods, and their iPad cases are no exception. They are handmade in Skytop Leather's Colorado shop from saddle leather (tanned in Pennsylvania). The cases are semi-hard shell cases for maximum protection, and all ports and controls are available while the iPad is in the case. The case converts to a three-way stand – typing, horizontal, and vertical. The cases have a grab-handle and a removable strap. The Leather iPad Case is available in Saddle Brown (shown), Dark Cocoa, or Black in models to fit either the original iPad ($259.00) or the iPad 2 ($279.00).
source: The Gadgeteer

$100 iPad App Lets You Sign PDFs

For just $99, SignMyiPad will let you sign PDFs, and remember where you were at the time

How much would you pay for an iPad app that let you edit and add your signature to a PDF? $4? That sounds pretty reasonable. How much would you pay for the exact same feature set, only with the addition of GPS tagging, so you could keep track of where you signed that document? $100? If you were drinking a coffee whilst reading this post, I'll give you a moment now to wipe down the mouthful you just sprayed across your screen.

The apps in question are SignMyiPad and SignMyiPad Pro. You can guess which is which. Both allow you to add check boxes and radio buttons to PDFs, along with the signature feature, which appears to add in a blocky, childish version of the signature you try to write on-screen.

Sadly, according to reviewers on the App Store, even the cheap version isn't up to much. “Using the app is more time consuming than printing, signing scanning, and emailing,” writes buyer Caliguian, adding that it crashes, renders PDFs poorly and places your signature in unexpected positions.

Still, the app will probably improve in v1.1, right? Don't hold your breath. The $4 SignMyiPad is currently on already on version 3.5.1. Although as the update does little but annoy users and try to harvest their e-mail address, despite Apple's protections, these updates could well come thick and fast. Here's the full What's New text:

Since Apple doesn't let us know who you are when you download our app – we decided to put a splash screen (which only shows on the first launch) that allows you to either:

1. Email us, let know who you are so we can say Thank you for purchasing SignMyPad

2. Follow us on Twitter – so we can say Thank you that way.

Sounds awesome.

SignMyPad product page [Autriv. Thanks, Camber]
source: Gadget Lab

iPad 2 Game Boy case rolls back the years

Folks who grew up with the Game Boy as their primary means of portable entertainment would definitely have fond memories of the number of hours that monochrome graphics are able to deliver. Well, fast forward to today, and you end up with the iPad 2 being one of the more powerful portable gaming devices out there. Why not merge the new with the old with the iPad 2 Game Boy case?

You will find a Game Boy design right at the back of the entire iPad 2 case, sporting an Apple logo without any reference to Mario or the rest of Nintendo's cast of characters. Unfortunately, this particular iPad 2 case is not on sale yet, and it might not take too long before Nintendo actually makes a case against imitation of Game Boys and its likeness. Currently though, is selling it at $17.99 a pop.
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Case Turns iPad into Giant Game Boy

It probably infringes all kinds of trademark law, but the iPad Game Boy cases is still pretty awesome

While the case isn't yet ready for sale, Lootiful already sells a smaller version for the iPhone 4 for a reasonable $18. You can pre-order the case “soon,” though. And with Nintendo's continued refusal to put its games on non-Nintendo hardware, this might just be the closest you'll get to playing Mario on your iPad. At least until Nintendo is forced to pull a Sega, I guess.

iPad 2 Game Boy case [Lootiful via TUAW]
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Griffin IntelliCase for iPad 2 now available

One of the drawbacks to the Smart Cover is that it only protected the front of your iPad 2. Case manufacturers have realized this for quite some time now and have been making covers that have the features of both the Smart Cover and regular protection for the back of the tablet. Latest one to join the party is Griffin Technology with its IntelliCase for iPad 2.

It features a regular back cover for the iPad 2, with cutouts to make its ports easily accessible, and it also comes with a Smart Cover-like front that can be used to prop the iPad 2 up in two different incline positions. The cover also features magnets to take advantage of the magnet sensors on the iPad 2, letting you put the tablet to sleep just by closing the case. The IntelliCase is also covered with a micro-textured surface for an improved grip. It is available now in black for $59.99.
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The Perfect iPhone and iPad cases for college students

We're guessing there's probably plenty of reasons why you bought your iPhone, but we can bet you probably never would've imagined you would be opening beers with it. Australian designers Rob Ward and Chris Peters first turned to Kickstarter for help with their ‘Opena' case concept, but after reaching funding goals the product is finally going into production.

Although a bottle-opening iPhone case could sound like a disaster, the case is actually surprisingly well thought out. The durable bottle opener slides right out of the case, designed specially to avoid straining the phone itself. The placement of the opener is even designed to keep bottle foam from escaping and entering any iPhone ports. When the bottle opener is hidden inside the case, the Opena just looks like a regular, sleek iPhone case.

Available in a black or white pre-order, you can order yours here for $39.95.

If the bottle-opening iPhone case is for the partying aspect of your college career, then the BinderPad iPad case is the perfect solution for your academic needs. This simple and minimalistic case allows you to safely store (or hide) your iPad in an ordinary three ring binder. Created by ZooGue, the BinderPad Case claims to be “the thinnest most convenient iPad 2 pouch” weight in at 3.5 oz and a 1x2 inch thick.

With more and more textbooks coming in e-book form and schools beginning to integrate iPads into curriculum, the BinderPad Case could be the perfect iPad accessory for students. It allows you to keep everything nice and organized in a single three ring binder, eliminating the need to carry both a binder and an iPad separately.

You can order your BinderPad case from ZooGue here for $29.99.

Rage HD optimized for the iPad 2

Remember id Software's hit iOS game - Rage? Well it looks like John Carmack and his boys aren't quite done with it yet, and have offered a new update to the game so that it is now more iPad 2-friendly. The latest update to Rage HD includes some new features that make the game more worthwhile for iPad 2 users. Rage HD, now at version 1.21, features 1080p HDMI TV output, and has been recompiled for iOS 4 for improved compatibility.

In addition to making the game run better and allowing it to run on your large HD TV, there are also some changes to the gameplay. There is now the option to enable an analog thumbstick control, the ability to shake the device to activate your melee attack, and there are also some cosmetic changes as well as the usual bug fixes. The update for Rage HD is available now on the Apple App Store. If you don't have the game yet, you can purchase it for $1.99.
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Twitter HTML5 web app for iPad launched

If you use Twitter on an iPad and you're somehow not a fan of the native iOS app on the phone, Twitter has some good news for you. Yesterday the microblogging social network announced that it has launched the HTML5 web app version of the app for the iPad. This follows the launch of the HTML5 web app for the iPhone and iPod touch a few months ago.

The web app looks like a mix between the HTML5 mobile Twitter website and the regular Twitter desktop website. It has started rolling out yesterday and should be available to all iPad Twitter users within a week. With iOS already having a fully functional native app available, one must wonder why anybody would want to use this version of the app (no push notifications, camera integration etc). Perhaps it will get better in the future. I guess if you ever borrow a friend's iPad to use Twitter on it, and he/she doesn't have the app, you could use the web app for your Tweeting needs.

Visit the mobile Twitter website on your iPad to access the new HTML5 web app.

GameBox Lets You Play Facebook Games on iPad

Even if Google+ garners 10 million users in just under a month, it cannot make its members as engaged as those in Facebook because of one thing: Its utter lack of games. Whether you play them or you don't, you know that Facebook games can be very addictive. Just click the Game Requests tab and count the number of times your friends are urging you to send them some rubber chicken, zoning permits, or cupcakes to finish their gaming tasks.

Playing games in Facebook, however, has its down turns. Most game apps on Facebook cannot be played on mobile devices, so there is no way to harvest your virtual strawberries using your smartphone. Thankfully, a new iPad app called GameBox lets you play some of Facebook's popular games wherever you may be.

So far, the GameBox app has only two Facebook games that can be played with the iPad: Digital Chocolate's Army Attack and Zynga's CityVille. The app's developer has promised that more games are on their way though. The user interface remains just like how it looks like on Facebook, so players will not waste time relearning. GameBox works by “place-shifting technology,” which uses actual flash renderings being relayed back and forth from the cloud to the device. It's sort of a legal gray area, but we'll let GameBox take care of that.

The GameBox for Facebook is now available in the Apple App Store for $2.99.

Elecom's faucet-inspired iPad/iPhone stand

Looking for a stand for your iPad? If you're not really in need of a stand that has built in speakers, or an additional display or one that can put into your car, then perhaps this Elecom stand designed by Nendo could just be what you were looking for.

Judging by its looks, this stand appears to focus more about design as opposed to being featured packed or being practical. In fact judging by the photos, propping your iPad or iPhone up against the stand does not guarantee that it will not topple over, but if form over function is your philosophy then this iPad/iPhone stand will definitely make a statement in your room's decor.

Made out of polycarbonate and ABS faucet parts, the stand was designed to look like an old fashioned faucet with the illusion of water flowing out of it and into a puddle. It will be available in clear, black, blue and white, with the clear and blue versions looking particularly convincing.

Unfortunately if you were planning to get your hands on one of these stands, Elecom's website does not seem to have stated the price or the availability but perhaps some time down the line they will. For now it looks like you will just have to be content with photos.
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Yoomi DUO turns the iPad into an interactive board game

When you talk about board games, most of us would think of traditional purchases such as Monopoly, Boggle, Risk or Scrabble. It seems that the advent of technology has also caught up with the board game market, where the Yoomi DUO is said to transform your iPad (as well as its successor) into an interactive board game. At least this is something which might help peel your kids away from the console and TV, spending a different time of family time together instead.

The Yoomi DUO will need to be placed on top of your iPad, where it intends to bring together both the old and the new genres in a single place. The DUO will ship with tokens to get you started, and tokens are integral to the game, ensuring that there is a definite winner at the end (and on the polar opposite, a loser).

Currently, Yoomi is the only title that plays nice with the DUO, although we do hope to see other upcoming games work in tandem with this new accessory as well. The Yoomi DUO can be purchased for $14.99 over at Amazon if you're interested.
source: Ubergizmo

WriteRoom Takes iPad Text Editor Crown

The waters of the iPad text editor world are so crowded that its easy to miss yet another one slipping from the shore, even it is a big-name app that would normally make a splash. So it is that Hog Bay software's WriteRoom has finally hit the tablet, turning swan-like from a rather pointless iPhone app into a beautifully full-featured (universal) iPad app with almost nobody noticing.

WriteRoom 3.0 is a kind of pro version of PlainText, which was Hog Bay developer Jesse Grosjean's first iPad Text Editor. Both versions sync with Dropbox, the iPad's de facto file system (they can actually be tied to the same folder so you can use either app to edit the same documents), and both support only plain text files (you can specify what kind of plain text documents by entering file extensions when you first connect to Dropbox. Markdown works, for example).

And both sport the same clean interface, which can be melted away at the tap of a button leaving just your words and your keyboard. In fact, WriteRoom 3.0 is more like PlainText 2.0, and that's a good thing.

The biggest changes are the ability to change the typeface. Size, font and even line spacing can now be tweaked. The small default font of PlainText was one of the things that kept me from using it.

The other big change is the Extended Keyboard. This puts another row of keys above the standard QWERTY layout. These keys are customizable (all you do is type the symbols into a text box in the settings), but the default set is pretty good, with tab, a hyphen, colon, semicolon, parentheses single and double quotes, along with a pair of cursor arrows.

These arrows sound handy, but are redundant thanks to a feature that already exists in PlainText: tap the left or right margin and the cursor moves to the left or right by one character. Tap with two fingers and it moves one word at a time. Smart and, once you're used to it, essential.

WriteRoom also introduces the "Draggable Scroller". With any document more than one page long, you can scroll by swiping your fingers, as with any other iOS app. When you do so, the regular scrollbar "thumb" appears on the right to give you feedback. The difference is that you can now grab that thumb and use it to drag the content, just like you can on a desktop. It sounds pointless, but works surprisingly well, and in long documents it saves you from pawing at the screen like a demented kitten.

Other new tweaks let you change text and paper colors, as well as text highlight colors. You can switch the status bar back on (the bar with the time, battery and carrier info at the top of the screen). You can password protect your files and switch auto-correct on or off.

Textexpander support remains, as does a pop-up box (tap the document title) to let you print, email or sync a document, as well as view a word count. So, too, does the app-wide search.

If you're looking for a solid, reliable iPad text editor with just enough settings to make the workspace nice and comfortable, along with some great features to make actually writing a lot faster and easier, you should probably go get WriteRoom now (and if you already have the iPhone version, this update is free). It costs just $5.

If you don't care about the extra keyboard row, or the text-tweaking options, then stick with the free and still excellent PlainText.
source: Gadget Lab

Give your iPad 2 a taste of retro gaming with its gorgeous Game Boy case

Ok, I could not resist sharing this one and if you are the lucky owner of an iPad 2 with a taste for retro gaming, I'm sure that you will immediately fall in love with LOOTIFUL's new (not yet available) Game Boy-like Case for iPad 2.

No word on both the availability and pricing of this baby, but I bet this will sell like hot chocolate in winter!
source: Akihabara News

iPad Head Girl

The iPad Head Girl – 'nuff said. Just how many creative things do you think you can do with your iPad or its successor, the iPad 2? Well, apart from completing Angry Birds with all its add-ons, collecting three stars for each level not to mention cracking all the golden eggs, surely your iPad is also an above average productivity tool regardless of where you are – battery life notwithstanding, of course. Well, someone decided to take a quartet of iPads and walk around Bryant Park in New York City. This metropolis is a melting pot of strange and funny characters, and trust someone to wear four iPads around the head, carrying a book at the same time.

No idea on whether this is an advertisement or not, some say that this is all a pre-planned video. Regardless of the point of this video, you can't deny that it is cool as all get out, although we do wonder whether the Galaxy Tab or other tablets might see a similar run down the road.
source: Ubergizmo

Premium iPad 2 a possibility?

Yes, we all know that many eyes are trained on the iPhone 5 that is touted to arrive sometime in September or October, but that doesn't mean Apple does not own any other high value “targets” – the iPad family being one of them. It seems that whispers are on the street, touting a premium version of the iPad 2 being in production, where it is intended to appeal to certain segments such as publishing – at least according to analysts.

Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw says that “Apple is…expected to roll out a premium version of iPad 2–a higher resolution screen, front-/rear- facing HD cameras–in the current quarter. It looks like Hon Hai is going into production with this new SKU.”

Do you think any of these analysts' claims hold water, considering the iPad 2 was just announced back in March, and a hardware refresh so soon after is not quite Apple's style. If this was meant for a new iPad release next year, then it might be more plausible. Of course, we won't really know unless we're in the select group of people whom Steve Jobs trust, but a professional version of the iPad sounds more like hogwash to me at the moment. What about you?
source: Ubergizmo

Skype for iPad Launched, Immediately Pulled

Skype for iPad. I'll bet these people are hotter than your own Skype contacts

Skype made a premature launch of its iPad-native VoIP app last night, and quickly removed it from the App Store, claiming it was pulled “To ensure your best Skype experience.” That didn't stop the lucky few who downloaded it from posting lots and lots of screenshots to the Internet, or grabbing the official promo shots (seen above).

The iPhone version of Skype already works just fine on the iPad in pixel-doubled mode. Or I should say it works just like the iPhone version, with the same battery-draining runaway background processes enjoyed by those using it on the iPhone (I have only anecdotal evidence, but the only time I have left Skype running overnight is also the only time my iPad my iPad has overheated and dropped almost a full battery charge in a couple of hours).

Skype for iPad takes advantage of the bigger screen, letting you chat whilst making a video call and showing contact info in popovers. It also duplicates the functionality of the iPhone version, letting you continue a call while you use other apps.

Why would Skype pull the app? My guess is that the now-approved app either has a bug that Skype wants to iron out before going public, or that it has a big announcement planned and wanted to sit on the launch until then. Either way, it can't be long. Time for me to visit the Apple Store and have a Genius take care of the broken mic in my iPad.
source: Gadget Lab

Tough Case Makes iPad Look Like 1990s Laptop

It couldn't get any uglier, but this Pelican case will keep your iPad looking pretty

If you have been looking for a case that would protect your iPad against anything short of a nuclear explosion, and at the same time make it look like a really tacky Dell laptop from the late 1990s, then today is your lucky day.

The case is from Pelican, and if you know anything about Pelican gear you'll know that it is pretty much indestructible. The Pelican 1075 HardBack is designed to work with the iPad or iPad 2, but is big enough to fit a netbook if you still have one that works. In the latter case, you can install the standard “pick and pluck” foam lining, or a netbook-shaped pad.

For either iPad, a custom-shaped insert is available. This will also prop up the iPad when the case is open, letting you put a Bluetooth keyboard on the bottom section and making the thing really look like an old, ugly laptop. These is also space under the keyboard for various cables and accessories — this isn't the case for you if you want something slim and stylish.

In fact, the Pelican is most likely to be used by people in harsh environments. Tony Stark might use it next time he takes a trip to the Middle East, for example.

The case is pretty reasonable. And calling a Pelican case affordable says more about the crazy overpricing in the iPad case world. You can pick on up for $70.

Pelican 1075 HardBack [Pelican. Thanks, Kiersten!]

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