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Singapore NS men to get standard issue iPad 2′s besides guns

Hey check this out guys! Our neighbors, Singapore, the country infamous for fining residents that are caught sticking their chewing gum in public places, will begin issuing iPads to its army, air force, and navy recruits in November. Considering all able-bodied male citizens are required to serve for two years, a large portion of the city-state's population could eventually be using the Apple tablet.

Troops will use the iPads to upload stills and video to the military's online education platform, and will also use custom-build apps, currently being developed by “military contractors” (app devs). Only about 8,000 iPad 2s will be distributed in the first round this fall, but Singapore's defense ministry plans to hand out more tablets next year — to be timed with the release of a Singapore-themed Angry Birds, we assume.

When you're bored camping with your sniper gorilla style, fear not, as you've got Angry Bird! Well, actually Singapore is more prone to flood than an all-out war anyway, so no harm to get some iPads for the jobless new recruits to play Cut-the-Rope!

Singapore National Service recruits to receive iPads this November

It is compulsory for able-bodied males citizens and permanent residents to serve time in the National Service if you're living in the city-state known as Singapore, and while the thought of actually entering the battlefield remains but a distant vision due to the nature of the political region's relative stability (it is no Middle East, that's for sure), it would still help if you know how to handle a rifle, survive in the forest using your wits and not eating the wrong kind of shrubs, as well as gaining access to high-tech weaponry to infiltrate the enemy's defenses. Well, you can add one more device to the list of gizmos that National Service recruits will get to play with this November onwards – the iPad 2.

That might just see even more enthusiasm among those who are embarking on their maiden year, with around 8,000 iPad 2s ready to be issued from November onwards. Defence chief Neo Kian Hong claims that adopting the iPad 2 would enable the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) to harness the technological abilities of the city-state's youth. With the built-in camera, servicemen are able to snap photos and video clips in the field that can then be uploaded to the SAF's online platform, LEARNet. These photos and videos could come in handy to carry out post-mission assessments.

No idea if you get to keep the iPad 2 once you're done with your stint though.
source: Ubergizmo

Scribbly Stylus For Your iPad Simulates A Marker Pen

Before you start freaking out and thinking, “Why is that person destroying their iPad with that marker pen?!”, relax, because that's not a marker pen, but rather the Scribbly. The Scribbly is actually a stylus that was created to mimic a marken pen in terms of its design, from the fat grip to the chunky tip, but it won't actually stain your iPad's screen with permanent ink, and sadly, neither will it come with the smell of markers that many of us have come to know and love, despite it being bad for health.

Unlike other styluses, the Scribbly feels more “real”, and the fact that it's shaped like a marker pen makes note taking and scribbling feel more like a relaxed affair. We're guessing it will have a lot of uses during meetings where brain storming is required, and mind maps can be drawn out the same way that it can be done on a whiteboard. Pair it on a wall mount in your kitchen and you've got yourself a dynamic reminder list, or it can even be used to play games, as seen in the video, it makes games like Flight Control look even more fun than it already is. We're guessing that slicing fruits with the stylus will also prove to be rather entertaining.

As it stands the Scribbly is not available yet, at least according to the website, which says “Coming soon”, but it is priced at 10 GBP, which is about $16 when converted. In the meantime you can enjoy the demo video below.
source: Ubergizmo

IPEVO Cushi iPad Stand Could Double Up As A Pillow Too

If you're an iPad or tablet user in general, you've probably come across a couple of stands or docks, and there are probably not many of those you would see the point in bringing along with you on a trip, but perhaps IPEVO's Cushi iPad stand may change your mind. As you can see in the photo above, the IPEVO Cushi stand looks more like a pillow, rather than a stand, which allows you to place your iPad or tablet at an angle while also providing an area for you to read your hands, head or even a wireless Apple keyboard.

The stand is made out of soft foam and is covered with cotton denim, whose colors the creators have referred to as “Steve's Blue Jeans”. We're guessing it's most likely a reference to Steve Job's jeans, which you can see him wearing during his appearances . Not a lot of flexibility going on with this stand, so you can only prop your tablet at one angle, and either in horizontal or vertical position, but we're liking how comfortable it actually looks. So perhaps when you're done using your iPad or tablet and you decide that you want to grab a quick nap, take the tablet off the stand and rest your head on it.

Ta-dah! A pillow.
source: Ubergizmo

Blizzard Investigating World of Warcraft for iPad, Cataclysm gonna be full of ifags

Blizzard's Greg Street recently told Eurogamer that the company was currently looking into the potential for MMO gaming on Apple's iOS.

A similar statement was made earlier this year about bringing Diablo 3 to the current crop of consoles. Eventually Blizzard began hiring console developers for the upcoming hack-n-slash title slated for a Q4 2011 release. That said, does that mean Blizzard plans to do the same with iOS?

“Everyone I know here has an iPhone or an iPad so we're huge fans of the hardware,” he said. “If we could make the right game changes to make that work, it's something we'd be interested in. It's not something you're going to see in the next week or two, but it's the kind of thing we're always looking at.”

As with recent talk about porting the MMORPG to the consoles, the biggest issue in the PC-to-console transition would be in the controls. It's bad enough that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 aren't well-equipped to receive mouse and keyboard input (although the PS3 is capable), the iPad 2 doesn't even come close to a PC-like environment.

“That's a really big topic,” he admitted. “The one [issue] that comes to mind is that WOW is designed for use of a mouse and a keyboard and we haven't yet seen a console solution that lets us replicate it easily. I suspect that we would also want to own a lot more of the back-end than most console companies would be willing to let us have. Right now we're being pretty successful just supporting the PC and Macintosh. We'd love to do it if it ever made sense – I'm sure we would.”

Bringing World of Warcraft to the iPad could mean using an optimized, scaled-down version with lower-resolution graphics in order to fit within the limited mobile hardware environment. This may also mean that the MMORPG would require its own servers to keep the gameplay experience even. Then again, David Perry has already proven that World of Warcraft can be streamed inside an Internet browser using his Gaikai service. The issue with controls still resides, but at least the game's visual quality and performance isn't compromised.

As for an iPad specific World of Warcraft client, currently the only natural means of input would be through a Bluetooth keyboard. So far Bluetooth mice aren't available for the tablet.

Anuman Interactive Drawing Kit HD updated for the Apple iPad

One of the best things about having a touchscreen device like a tablet is the ability to use it as a blank canvas for your masterpieces. Many apps have been released to let users unleash their creative talent with nothing but their fingers and the tablet. One such app is the Drawing Kit HD by French developers Anuman Interactive.

The developers have recently announced an update that brings a whole bunch of new features to the popular drawing app. Drawing Kit HD version 1.1 has new features such as: improved rendering of pencil lines for more realistic-looking pencil strokes on the canvas, refinement of felt tip and brush drawing, the ability to draw faster for greater fluidity and more beautiful curves, improved stickers, and an enhanced application engine.

Judging by the screenshots and demonstration video, the app looks like it does a pretty good job of creating organic looking artwork on a digital device. Considering its relatively low price of $1.99, it's not too shabby either.
source: Ubergizmo

Tom Bihn Breve for iPad and iPad 2 Review

Tom Bihn makes great bags, and I can say that with absolute confidence. My husband has a Tom Bihn Empire Builder bag that he has used every single day for the past 8 years. After seven years, we bought him a new Absolute Shoulder Strap, but the bag itself looks as good as the day he opened up the package. I've owned a Zephyr bag, which is a slightly smaller version of the Empire Builder, for several years. While mine doesn't get as much use as Butch's does, my bag also looks brand new. When I saw that Tom Bihn was selling the Breve, a minimalist bag for iPad/iPad 2, I knew I had to try one. Tom Bihn was kind enough to provide me with a Breve. They even threw in one of their new screen cleaning cloths. So, does the Breve live up to my expectations?

Some photos, including the top one, can be clicked for an enlarged view.

The Breve has a 1050d ballistic nylon exterior; the interior is soft, brushed nylon that almost feels like a microfiber cleaning cloth. I measured the bag at about 12.5" wide X 9.6" tall X 0.3" thick. The bag is bound with a black fabric tape that extends about 1.25" past each end. These tabs are topped with a heavy-duty black plastic ring; the strap connects here. The strap is made of 1" wide black belting material. It is flexible enough that the edges are soft. No strap pad is needed because the strap doesn't feel like it's cutting my skin. There are heavy-duty, large black plastic and metal clips at the ends and a length adjustment buckle that seems to be made of the same plastic. The strap adjusts from 31.75" to 56.5" long, including clips. It allows the bag to be worn as a shoulder or a cross-body bag. The bag plus strap weighs about 10 oz on my digital scale.

The Breve is available in Black, Kiwi, and Steel. (Navy, Cardinal, and Forest colors should also be available in late July.) I asked for the Kiwi because I want a little more color in my life. The Kiwi is a nice, bright green that looks good with the black accents and zippers. It's not a fluorescent color, so it should fit in all but the most conservative of businesses.

UltraSuede Screen Cloth in front of the Breve bag.

The front has two zipper compartments that form a shallow V. The strip of black belting sewn on the front separates the zippered area into two pockets. As you look at the bag, the pocket on the left is very narrow; anyone with hands larger than a child's will have trouble reaching in to get something at the bottom of that pocket. There's no gusseting in the pockets for a little extra room. When my iPad 2 was in the back pocket, I found that my iPhone 4 in the bumper case was a very snug fit in the left pocket. I decided I'd just use that narrow pocket for the iPad charging cable. My phone and the Tom Bihn Screen Cloth fit in the larger pocket on the right. It's big enough that you'll be able to reach in and hunt for a small item that fell to the bottom of the pocket.

The back of the Breve has a full-width zipper. This zipper, like the two on the front, has plastic teeth and a metal slider body. This compartment holds an iPad or iPad 2. The interior of this compartment is made of 0.25" open-cell foam laminated to brushed nylon. Both sides of the iPad pocket are made of this material, which means the front pockets also have this material at the back. (The outside of the front zipper pockets has no padding).

The back of the Breve has three stitching lines. I'm not sure what the purpose of this is. I guess this very minimal quilting could make the back more protective for the iPad inside. Or it could simply be the stitching holds the ballistic nylon exterior fabric to the interior padding.

The Breve is designed to work with both the original iPad and the iPad 2. I keep my iPad 2 in both the Smart Cover and the HyperShield back cover all the time, and I was very happy to see that it fit in with room to spare. The pocket is deep enough that my iPad 2 fit completely below the zipper, so I don't have to worry about the zipper's metal slider body scratching anything. I also tried the original iPad in the Belkin Grip Vue case; it fit in the pocket and stayed below the zipper as well, but it was a tighter fit.

For reference, Rachel is 5'2" tall.

I love the Tom Bihn Breve! I haven't had it long enough to say that it will wear as well as the Empire Builder and the Zephyr have. However, I trust the quality of the Tom Bihn products I've owned to think that the Breve will still be in great shape long after the iPad has been replaced by the next great thing. It's big enough to carry my iPad 2 without having to strip off the cases I normally use. I could put my keys and phone in the front pockets, attach my small wallet with a wrist strap to the Breve's strap and have everything I need while doing errands. The color isn't one that I would have chosen in the past, but I really like it. The Breve is as sleek as the iPad it was designed to protect. I can't think of a thing that needs changing other than perhaps resizing the front pockets to give the left one a bit more room.

I've mentioned the Screen Cloth a few times, so I'd better give you some more details. The cloth is made of UltraSuede, and it comes in Lapis Blue, Peony Pink, and Asphalt Gray. I received the Asphalt Gray. The cloth has a swoopy, flag-fluttering-in-the-breeze shape. It measures about 8.25" X 8.25". It's thicker than most screen cleaning cloths I've used, and its suede-like surface helps it clean my iPhone and my iPad 2's screens quickly, no matter how smudgy they are. You can add a Screen Cloth to your order for only $7.00.

I don't think you could go wrong with the Breve. It's just big enough to carry what you need for meetings or for doing errands around town. It's light enough that it doesn't break your back, even when you've got it loaded up. And there are enough colors available that you should be able to find one that fits your style.
source: The Gadgeteer

ClamCase updated for iPad 2

ClamCase has developed a nifty product to make you iPad 2 seem and feel more like a netbook. This product has been around for the iPad, but has received a makeover to become iPad 2 specific. The case's shell has cutouts to accommodate the back camera and built-in iPad speakers. It has four unique positions: keyboard case, touchscreen stand, portrait stand, and tablet case. Soft 3M pads on all four corners will cushion and protect your iPad. The ClamCase also has integrated magnets to signal to your iPad 2 if the case is open or closed. It also automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad. The keyboard with ClamCase is full bluetooth QWERTY. Clam Case gives you the best of both worlds, using your iPad 2 yet as a tablet when you flip the keyboard over or flip it back for the look and feel of a portable laptop. ClamCase for the iPad 2 can be ordered for $149 in a matte black finish and will ship in 4-5 weeks. For more info on ClamCase, please visit
source: The Gadgeteer

Tournez Retractable Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Wall and Clamp Mounting Systems / by Joy Factory

The Tournez Retractable Carbon Fiber iPad 2 Wall/Cabinet Mount and the Clamp Mounting systems each feature a 360-degree angle that adjusts to facilitate landscape or portrait viewing. The easy-to-install wall, cabinet or flat surface application allows for maximum versatility in the kitchen, the garage, office and numerous other locations. The Tournez is offered at MSRP of $99.95 (wall/cabinet mount) or $149.95 (clamp mount).
source: Trendy Gadget

Skype for iPad video leaked online

Tired of being limited to only chatting with Facetime over the iPad 2? Well, we've got some great news for you. The folks over at Mac Rumors managed to get their hands on a video clip demonstrating Skype for iPad that was allegedly posted on Skype's YouTube channel and then quickly removed. Fortunately, a YouTube user named @trackizmy1 captured it and put it back online. At the moment there is only a Skype app for the iPhone/iPod touch but none optimized for the iPad (it runs in pixel doubled mode). Skype for iPad will definitely make a lot of iPad 2 Skype users happy people.
source: Ubergizmo

Hacker pleads guilty to US AT&T iPad breach

Nearly six months after being arrested, one hacker pleaded guilty to charges that he exposed the email addresses of over 100,000 AT&T iPad 3G users. It's been a year since Daniel Spitler and his compatriot, Andrew Auernheimer, coaxed Ma-Bell servers into delivering the goods, with a brute force script they lovingly named the iPad 3G Account Slurper. The hacker's plea agreement suggests a 12 to 18-month sentence, which is a lot more lenient than the 10-year maximum he could face. Spitler's collaborator is apparently still in plea negotiations with the prosecutor. Both men initially claimed they were just trying to draw attention to a security hole, but maybe next time they'll think twice before embarking on such altruistic endeavors.

iPad accounts for 97 percent of US tablet traffic online, Apple smurfs

It's no secret that the iPad commands a serious lead in the battle for tablet mindshare, but comScore's new Device Essentials traffic-tracking service shows just how much that translates into market dominance. Damn Steve Job's gonna be pleased. According to the web monitoring company, the iPad and its 2011 successor account for 89 percent of tablet internet use globally, and 97 percent in the US. Of course, the slate segment is still young and accounts for only a tiny percentage of total traffic. And, it's worth noting, the iPad has a significant advantage in being the first to hit shelves.

Skype for iPad leaked in promo video

Dread that your brand new iPad doesn't have Skype? Or is it the de-facto that stopped you from joining the millions of iPad owners? Well now you can rest easy knowing somewhere out there it does exist — or at least a promo video does. Earlier today, someone over at Skype unintentionally (we assume) posted what looks like an ad for a real-deal app for the iOS slab. Of course, the evidence has since been pulled, but you can check out a ripped version (sans audio) after the break. It looks like the days of blowing up ye ole iPhone Skype are numbered.

The folks over at TUAW had a chat with Skype's Rick Osterloh about the iPad app, and he says you can expect most of the functionality to carry over from the iPhone. There are, unfortunately, a few desktop features, like file sharing, that won't make an appearance. Sadly, Osterloh didn't spill the release-date beans.

Turn Your iPad 2 Invisible With The Invisibility App

Magic tricks with the iPad and iPhone never cease to amaze me, and with the Invisibility app, while technically not really that much of a magic trick, sure makes a pretty good party trick, or perhaps to give you an edge in those endless “Apple vs Android” debates. At the very least we're expecting your Android friends to put down their tablets and wow over the app for at least a couple minutes or so, before resuming the debate.

The app makes use of the iPad 2′s camera and the built in gyroscope to create the illusion of invisibility, although it looks more like transparency, no thanks to the black bezel surrounding the iPad 2. When the app is launched, all the user would have to do is “paint” the screen with his/her fingers, and the results would be mimicking the background of wherever your iPad is placed, as pictured in the photo above.

The gyroscope comes in use when you're moving and turning your iPad about, keeping the perspective of the background displayed on your iPad's screen consistent with the actual physical background. A rather novel app which will only set you back 99 cents, which we're thinking should be worth a couple of laughs and also for the wow-factor.
source: Ubergizmo

Seidio ACTIVE iPad 2 Launch and Giveaway

Seidio, a leading manufacturer in mobile accessories just released its newest product, the ACTIVE case for the new iPad 2. By providing a light on-the-go case for the iPad 2, Seidio ACTIVE combines superior shock absorption and full functionality more so than other competitor cases.

"Apple redesigned the iPad 2 to be thinner and lighter allowing for more portability, so we knew consumers would want a case that matches this improvement," said David Chang, Seidio CEO and founder. "Through our innovative engineering and the use of the highest quality materials, we were able to develop a compact and lightweight case to complement the iPad redesign without giving up superior protection and functionality."

The multipurpose protective cover transforms into a stand with 15 different angles complementing the many functions of the iPad 2. ACTIVE protects and allows you to use the iPad in any environment or with any iPad application.

Seidio ACTIVE for iPad 2 provides:

This case provides superior shock absorbing protection provided by two interlocking layers and has a multipurpose cover that protects the screen and transforms into a stand with 15 different viewing angles.

The Seidio ACTIVE for iPad 2 is included in the ACTIVE product line of cases created for active individuals who need protection for their mobile devices, but want a sleek, professional looking case. These two-layer cases are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to fit perfectly to the corresponding mobile device.

Seidio ACTIVE for iPad 2 is available immediately for $69.95 MSRP at

Giveaway Information:

You can be one of three lucky winners to win a Seidio ACTIVE for the iPad2 case. Ways to enter:

This giveaway ends on July 18th. Trendy Gadget will pick three winners to receive ACTIVE iPad 2 cases.
source: Trendy Gadget

Skype for iPad promo videos leaked on Youtube, confirmed by Skype Exec.

Although the iPad 2 has been out since March, we have yet to see a Skype app specifically optimized for Apple's tablet. Current users have been able to use the Skype app for the iPhone 4, but it is not made for that specific screen size.

A promo video of Skype for the iPad 2 was leaked this morning on Youtube, but was quickly pulled after the company realized they had made a mistake. TUAW had a few words with Skype VP of Consumer and Product Design Rick Osterloh about the Skype app for the iPad 2. He confirmed that the app will be coming to the App store soon and that unforuntately some features of the desktop edition were not ported over to the iPad edition such as file sharing.

Some of the features of the app include full screen video calls, the ability to swap cameras in the middle of a chat, and built-in messaging that layers over video calls. You can make calls with a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. We have the original promo video below thanks to a screen capture by Razorian Fly, although it does not include sound. No official word on when the app will come out, although All things D stated that the app is expected to hit the App store next week. We will keep you updated on the status of Skype for the iPad 2.
source: Unwired View

Judge Denies Samsung's Request to See Next-Gen iPhone, iPad

When Samsung requested to take a peek at the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 3 as part of ongoing litigation in their current infringement lawsuit, Apple laughed at the proposition. The whole move was in response to the court granting Apple the privilege to scope out newly released and upcoming products from Samsung. The court won't be giving Samsung the same luxury, as they have sided with Apple and denied Samsung's request.

A silver lining emerges from the 11-page document penned by Judge Lucy Koh in the form of the following excerpt:

“Samsung is free to argue, for instance, that there is little likelihood of confusion because consumers will not encounter its products side-by-side with the iPhone 4 or iPad 2, but rather with Apple’s next generation iPhone and iPad. Similarly, as to proximity, Samsung is free to argue that because the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 will soon be outmoded and reduced in price, they are not being sold (or very soon will not be sold) to the same class of purchasers who are likely to buy new Samsung products. By choosing to allege infringement only of its current products, Apple opens itself up to these arguments.”

The above text suggests the court may not grant Apple the preliminary injunction they are requesting to halt the release and sale of future Samsung smartphones and tablets. The reason being that Samsung could sufficiently argue that their new products more directly compete with the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 rather than the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and a true comparison could not be made until Apple's next-gen lineup is revealed. As we are well aware, that should only be a matter of months away in the case of the new iPhone.
source: Android Phone

iProp iPad Stand Review

We've reviewed our share of iPad stands here on The Gadgeteer. Today I want to show you another iPad stand, but this one isn't for your desktop, it's an iPad floor stand called the iProp. The iProp is an adjustable stand that will allow you to use your iPad hands-free for watching movies, reading, or even as a musical stand.

Note: The images in this review can be clicked for a larger size.

The iProp is comprised of 3 main parts. The heavy duty V shaped metal base, which weighs 3 lbs, the flexible gooseneck and the iPad holder. It ships unassembled, but don't worry, assembly only requires 1 bolt. They even include the tool to tighten it.

The iPad holder is made of black plastic. It holds the iPad by the bottom two corners and top edge.

If you flip the holder over, you'll see the ball and socket connector that is used to attach the holder to the stand. This connector allows you to rotate the iPad 360° as well as tilting it to almost any angle.

You can use the iProp with the original iPad and the iPad 2. To use it with the iPad 2, you'll need to attach a stick on foam spacer to the back of the holder and small spacers to the corner holders.

The only assembly required for this stand is to attach the flexible gooseneck to the base with the included bolt and washer. There's an Allen wrench included to tighten it. The hole in the base is countersunk, and the instructions say to tighten the bolt flush with the base. As you can see from the image above, I wasn't quite able to do that… Either I'm not strong enough (very possible right now…) or this is just as far as it will go. This isn't a big deal if you intend to only use the iProp on a carpeted floor. But if you are going to use it on a hard wood floor, I'd be worried that this could cause scratches. I was surprised that there were no stick on feet included with the base.

Once you have attached the gooseneck to the base, you are ready to put the iPad in the holder and attach it. This is done by loosening the socket connector, sliding the ball into the socket and tightening it back down again. You can turn the iPad either in landscape or portrait orientation and adjust the angle of the screen. Once you're done, tighten the socket connector to keep it in place. At this point, you can adjust the gooseneck, too, if desired. If you leave the gooseneck straight up and down, the stand is 36″ high.

Forgive my lack of fashion. I didn't feel like changing my clothes for the picture.

I've found the iProp to be a great music stand. I can use the iPad with the TabToolKit app to let me easily view sheet music while I practice songs on my ukulele. It sure beats printing the music and putting it on my lap.

This stand is very sturdy and at 9 pounds, it is heavy enough that there is no worry that it will topple over. I can think of quite a few uses for it in addition to my own musical stand use. For example, it would be useful for watching movies and videos in bed or on the couch hands-free.

Other than the bolt on the bottom of the base, the only complaint that I have about the iProp is the price. You can buy a heavy duty stand for much less. Of course those stands don't include an iPad holder like this one. Even so, I do think the iProp is overly pricey. On the plus side, they do ship free to anywhere in the US.
source: The Gadgeteer

Philips Rise And Shine DC291x37 Docking Station

The Philips Rise and Shine DC291x37 is an aluminum clock radio for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The docking station features a top-mounted dock, an automatic clock synchronization, a 10W RMS of total power, a digital FM tuner, a front-facing LCD display, a 3.5mm input, weekday/weekend alarm settings and neodymium drivers. The Philips Rise And Shine DC291x37 retails for $120. [Philips]

Seidio ACTIVE iPad 2 Launch and Giveaway

Seidio, a leading manufacturer in mobile accessories just released its newest product, the ACTIVE case for the new iPad 2. By providing a light on-the-go case for the iPad 2, Seidio ACTIVE combines superior shock absorption and full functionality more so than other competitor cases.

"Apple redesigned the iPad 2 to be thinner and lighter allowing for more portability, so we knew consumers would want a case that matches this improvement," said David Chang, Seidio CEO and founder. "Through our innovative engineering and the use of the highest quality materials, we were able to develop a compact and lightweight case to complement the iPad redesign without giving up superior protection and functionality."

The multipurpose protective cover transforms into a stand with 15 different angles complementing the many functions of the iPad 2. ACTIVE protects and allows you to use the iPad in any environment or with any iPad application.

Seidio ACTIVE for iPad 2 provides:

This case provides superior shock absorbing protection provided by two interlocking layers and has a multipurpose cover that protects the screen and transforms into a stand with 15 different viewing angles.

The Seidio ACTIVE for iPad 2 is included in the ACTIVE product line of cases created for active individuals who need protection for their mobile devices, but want a sleek, professional looking case. These two-layer cases are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to fit perfectly to the corresponding mobile device.

Seidio ACTIVE for iPad 2 is available immediately for $69.95 MSRP at

Giveaway Information:

You can be one of three lucky winners to win a Seidio ACTIVE for the iPad2 case. Ways to enter:

This giveaway ends on July 18th. Trendy Gadget will pick three winners to receive ACTIVE iPad 2 cases.
source: Trendy Gadget

iPad 3 starts to surface, comes with ‘Retina Display' Resolution!

The iPhone 4 has a very high-resolution screen (for a smartphone) packed into a small space. The intense pixel density of 326 ppi means that the dots are so small that they're almost imperceptible. Apple markets this as Retina Display, and it's a key differentiation point when comparing iPhone hardware against other handsets.

Some figured that Apple would be bringing a Retina Display to the iPad 2, but that didn't happen and the current iPad still has the same 1024×768 resolution as the original model.

New hints have been discovered in the iOS 5 developer beta software that strongly suggests that Apple is prepping for something that has four times the resolution of the current iPad.

Graphics for the Apple's Newstand application on the iPad come in both the current 1024×768 resolution as well as 1536×2048. Artwork for the new Twitter framework also references the new resolution. See screenshots of it at Techunwrapped.

Reuters this week also cited sources saying that the next iPad will have a new screen with five to six times the resolution.

These graphics could be just a test for Apple, but it wouldn't be a far leap to assume that iPad 3 will be launched with a high-resolution screen sometime during iOS 5′s shelf life.

T-Mobile markets the G-Slate as faster than the iPad 2 and the Xoom

The folks over at TmoNews recently got their hands on some internal documents stating T-Mobile's plans on how they are going to market the G-Slate. Apparently they've got the legal approval to tell customers that the G-Slate is more than “2x faster than the iPad 2 on AT&T and Verizon, and over 3x faster than the Motorola Xoom”.

While the statements are inherently true right now (T-Mobile's HSPA+ 42Mbps network is faster than Verizon's or AT&T's 3G), what happens when Verizon gets the Xoom upgraded to LTE? The G-Slate is only capable of HSPA+ 14.4Mbps and Verizon's LTE upgrade will make the Xoom much faster than the G-Slate. Unless of course, this is only a temporary marketing strategy, which they will amend after the Xoom LTE upgrade is released (if it ever gets released). What do you think of T-Mobile's marketing strategy? Is bragging about having faster network speeds (even if it's an unfair comparison) the way to go about it?
source: Ubergizmo

Acrylic Display Dock for the iPad 2

If you've been in an Apple store recently, you've seen that the old paper information signs for each product on display have been replaced. An iPad mounted in a sleek acrylic wedge now displays everything you'll need to know – and I'm sure using the iPad for the information is designed to pique your interest in one of those, too. Anyway, if you like the look of those acrylic stands, you'll be able to get one of your own from newPCgadgets. The iPad 2 Display Dock holds your device at a good angle for typing or for viewing your calendar, contacts, or a document while it's on your desk. It also incorporates an iPhone/iPod dock. It works as a charging stand for your devices, too. The iPad 2 Display Dock is available at newPCgadgets for $74.95.
source: The Gadgeteer

iPad 2 Display Dock Looks Like The Ones At Apple Stores

If the above iPad and iPhone dock looks familiar it's because if you've ever been to Apple's stores then you would have recognized the dock to be almost the same one that is being used in-store. This dock however is created by New PC Gadgets and is made out of clear acrylic and features a slightly higher raised angle and provides an additional charging dock for your iPhone or iPod as well.

It does look pretty classy and for those looking to design their houses in a modern or minimalist settings, this display dock would be the perfect edition. The downside is that it holds no real practical use for most iPad users since the angle is still to low for those who are sitting down to view the contents on their iPad properly, and would require a standing position in order to look down onto their iPad.

However if you like the design (and we can't blame you, we like it too!) then just head on down to New PC Gadget's website to place your order. The dock will set you back $74.99.
source: Ubergizmo

One step closer to great iPad DJing with Griffin DJ Cable

With the launch of the iPad and since then the iPad 2, musicians have been delighted with it giving rise to a bunch of very impressive music creation and manipulation apps, as with the success of the Apple Girl.

DJ's are a segment of musicians who were happy with the tools they were given to add to their arsenal. Completely replacing a set of turntables, CDJs or even more digital solutions however was clearly not feasible. For one, the lack of ability to split audio threw a wrench into beginner iPad DJs gears.

German company Algoriddim teamed up with Griffin to release their own DJ Cable which works with their amazing djay app to split output between live tracks to a set of speakers and the cue track to a pair of headphones. At USD20, the cable is a must have for every djay user as it adds what is essential functionality to their already powerful app.

While this probably won't find its way into the clubs anytime soon, it's a great way to get started if you already own an iPad and want to get your feet wet in the art of being a DJ.

Good news for those of you who want to get on the whole iPad DJ bandwagon, djay is currently half off on the app store.

New York Post blocks iPad access through Safari browser, hopes you'll pay for a subscription instead

Well, that's one way to make people pay for puns. The New York Post, that bastion of fair, balanced, and not-at-all sensationalistic reporting, has blocked iPad owners from reading its stories through the tablet's Safari browser.

If folks want the full spill on Hugh Hefner getting ditched at the altar, they'll be prompted to download the iOS app, which requires signing up for a subscription starting at $6.99 on a month-to-month basis.

Setting aside News Corp.'s hubris for a moment, what's odd about this is the number of workarounds Rupert Murdoch & Co. left us cheapskates. You can still read the site on a desktop browser or a phone, including an Android one. Basically, then, News Corp. is strangling web access, but only for a select group of readers.

That's a stark contrast from other content providers (even the News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal), which have been more platform-agnostic. Now if only you can get other browser on your iPad... sshhhh!!!

Yamaha bring back to Japan its i-MX1 Midi Interface for iOS Devices

Introduced in Europe early April, Yamaha's new i-MX1 is the company first MINI Interface for iOS Devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Schedule to arrive in Japan early July at a price yet disclosed, the i-MX1 comes with one Midi Input and one Output, the i-MX1 can be used with any tools and software supporting MIDI on iOS Devices but also one of Yamaha's many new Apps designed for it with : Faders, Faders & XY PAD, Keyboard Arp & Drum Pad, Voice Editor Essential, Multi Editor Essential, Performances Editor Essential, St List Organizer and TNR-i. With the Exception of TNR-i announced at 2,300 Yen, all Yamaha's new Apps are sold from today onward are 450 Yen each on the Japanese iTunes store.
source: Akihabara News

New York Post Website Blocks iPad's Safari

Are you an avid reader of the New York Post? Do you frequently access their website through your iPad? If you do you might be in for a rude shock as it appears that the New York Post has blocked access to their website if you are using Safari on your iPad. Prior to this the website would display an ad promoting their app but at the same time they gave you the option of proceeding to their website as per normal but now it looks like they want you to download their app and subscribe to their newspaper.

As it stands the subscription for iPad users will cost them $6.99 per month, $39.99 for sixth months and $79.99 for a year's subscription with no option of purchasing single issues. If you'd still like to access their website the good news is that the block is only limited to Safari but users on alternative browsers such as Skyfire or Opera Mini should have no trouble opening the website although it's unclear whether the New York Post will be making a move to block those browsers too, but for now it looks like it's just limited to Safari.
source: Ubergizmo

Bamboo Paper, A Slick Notepaper App for iPad

Wacom, the graphics tablet company, has launched a drawing and note-taking app for the iPad. Called Bamboo Paper after its Bamboo line of styluses, the app is both simple and good.

Bamboo Paper follows the excellent Penultimate in its simple approach. You get little more than a sheet of virtual paper on which to scrawl your doodles and letters. Ink choice is limited to six colors, nib thicknesses to just three. You also get an eraser, undo and redo and a bookmark function. This last appears to do little more than put a marker in the corner of the page.

And that's about it. You only get one notebook, and–compared to Penultimate– the range of paper styles is very limited. But Bamboo Paper has it where it counts: the handwriting engine.

Few apps come close to Penultimate's ink engine (NoteShelf is one notable exception). But Wacom's might actually be better. The feel of the “ink” appearing under your stylus tip as you write is very natural, and if you flick the tip (or your finger) quickly, the line feathers to nothing, just as it would with a felt-tip pen or a brush.

Wacom also seems to have cracked the problem of the wayward wrist. The iPad's multi-touch screen is great until it mistakes your wrist, or at least the meat of your little finger and hand, as a writing device.

The usual way around this is for an app to provide a “wrist-guard” which you pull up to electronically mask off an area of the screen. Bamboo Paper doesn't do this, but it doesn't get confused, either. This is particularly ironic as my actual Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet fails so completely in this regard that I can't use it.

Two other features that Penultimate lacks are pinch-to-zoom (and the related drag with two fingers to pan), and a long press to bring up the pen controls under your finger.

You'll have to decide which is best for you. I have moved onto NoteShelf for its close-up abilities, but Bamboo Paper might be a candidate to replace it.

Bamboo Paper [iTunes]

Is Apple Slowly Becoming a Patent Troll?

Apple is not giving Samsung any break as Steve Jobs Co. accuses the latter of more patent infringements and adding more Samsung devices that Apple claims as copycats. As of today, the list now includes 12 different Samsung devices that allegedly infringe upon Apple's five design patents.

Apple's updated suit now includes the Droid Charge, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy S, Gravity Smart, Infuse 4G, Nexus S 4G, Replenish, Sidekick 4G, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the Galaxy S II.

“The suit may be a bit of a stretch,” says CrunchGear. “There are similarities, yes, but nothing to the point where I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between an iPhone 4 and an Infuse 4G.”

Some claims of design infringements are out of this world, even, like the inclusion of the Sidekick, Replenish, and Gravity Smart. All of them have physical QWERTY keyboards, something obviously absent on any Apple device and we doubt it would appear on any future iDevice.

Apart from the two new design patents into the suit, Apple has also filed a complaint against Samsung for infringing up to eight utility patents.

Samsung has yet to submit their devices for Apple's inspection, while we are also waiting for the judge's decision on whether Apple would have to do the same and hand over the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to Samsung.

Improve the iPad's Sound with the iHome iDM71 Case for iPad/iPad 2

I've seen iPad cases that convert into stands and cases with a built-in keyboard, but I've never seen one with built-in speakers before. It's from iHome, so you know the iDM71B iPad/iPad 2 Speaker case is going to sound good. It uses flat NXT stereo speakers for great sound while keeping added bulk to a minimum. The faux-leather case is also a 6-position stand for typing or watching movies. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery will power the speakers without draining the iPad's battery. It will be available in July and will sell for $99.99.
source: The Gadgeteer

Facebook App For iPad in The Works

We're not sure why it's taken them so long, but Facebook is putting the final touches on an app that will be available for iPad users.

Many Facebook users have resorted to using third-party apps to access the popular social networking site on their tablet devices, including My Pad, iFace and Friendly.

The delay in an iPad-friendly app might be due to Facebook's rumored plans of a new mobile platform that will take on Apple's App Store, according to reports.

Called "Project Spartan," it will reportedly by HTML5-based and will aim to "break the stranglehold" Apple currently has on the mobile app market.

Previously, Facebook was quick to launch their mobile app for the iPhone when the app store launched in 2008. The iPad though has been out since April 2010, with users waiting over a year for an app from the social-networking giant.
source: Unwired View

iPad Buzz Player Streams and Converts Movies From Network Storage

Buzz Player is an iPad (and iPhone and Android) app that lets you stream video from pretty much any device on your network. That means you can watch movies stored on a network-attached hard drive without switching on a computer. It's pretty amazing.

There are other solutions for streaming video to the iPad. Air Video takes any file on your Mac or PC and converts it on-the-fly to an iPad-friendly format, but requires a computer to do it. Another app named FileBrowser will stream movies direct from, say, a Time Capsule, but they need to be H.264 MP4 files. This probably means you'll have to convert the files first.

What Buzz Player does is connect directly to any SMB or FTP server. From there, you can browse the folders until you meet a movie you'd like to play. Tap it and you can choose to copy the file to your iPad, or just play it. The movies starts right away, and plays stutter free in seemingly any format.

And I mean any format. Not only will it play H.264 MP4 and WMV in a range of containers (AVI, MOV, OGG, DIVX and more), it will handle things like Sorensen, Real Video and Theora. It also supports pretty much any sound format, and allows you to connect over the local network or even via 3G using most networking protocols. Buzz Player even supports subtitles, and lets you tweak not only their appearance but to offset their timing — handy for getting things to sync up.

It's not all great, though. The interface is ugly, unintuitive and looks more like an open-source Linux project than a polished iPad app. Once you get past this, though, it's easy enough to use.

I also get some crashing. Every time I hit the “X” in the top left corner to back out of the current movie or section of the app, it dies. When playing movies and working with the network, though, it is stable.

You really need to read the iTunes description to see just how much this thing can do, but let me just add one more point. You can also load up the app with movies via iTunes, just like any other video player. That way, you have pretty much every possibility covered.

Buzz Player is just $4 for the iPad, $3 for the iPhone and ¥499 (around $6) for Android.

Buzz Player [Bugun Software]

Buzz Player for iPad [iTunes]

Project Spartan: Facebook's plan to bypass Apple

Facebook is working on an app platform built entirely in HTML5 and geared for Apple's built-in iOS web browser, Safari. Sneaky.

Tech Crunch reports that Facebook plans to bypass Apple's security guards and sneak in through the iOS back door with its own app-based platform. This will be accomplished by publishing an iOS-focused HTML5 platform within Apple's own Safari browser, the one area in which Apple doesn't have full control.

Called “Project Spartan,” the new platform has already attracted 80 or more app developers including Zynga and the Huffington Post. Unnamed sources claim that Facebook wants to have these apps ready to roll out within the next few weeks for a formal unveiling shortly thereafter, so there's a good chance the apps may not be fully polished at launch. Developers have reportedly been working on the HTML5 apps for a few months; Facebook began constructing the platform long before the developers signed on.

“Imagine loading up the mobile web version of Facebook and finding a drop-down for a new type of app. Clicking on one of the apps loads it (from whatever server it's on depending on the app-maker), and immediately a Facebook wrapper is brought in to surround the app,” Tech Crunch said in a hands-on report. “This wrapper will give the app some basic Facebook functionality, as well as the ability to use key Facebook elements - like Credits.”

The goal of “Project Spartan,” it seems, is to get iOS consumers to use Facebook as the distribution model for games and other apps, not Apple's App Store, Amazon's Appstore or any other distribution platform. But at the same time, the platform will serve as an outlet for developers to create their games and other apps in HTML5 instead of Flash. We already know what Apple thinks of Flash.

“Project Spartan” will also help Facebook push its Credits monetary system out into the mobile sector. Facebook intends to have Credits built-in to alloy developers like Zynga to sell apps and offer in-app purchases. Naturally this system would bypass Apple's own App Store payment system and 30-percent cut, putting consumer dollars directly into the pockets of Facebook and the associated developer.

But naturally there are pluses and minuses about developing apps in HTML5. Taking Apple's route means developers have direct access to the device hardware, but in turn they must shell out a yearly membership fee and abide by Apple's guidelines. Like the initial apps, updates are required to go through an extensive approval process, but users may or may not even download and install those updates. Of course, if said apps were created in HTML5, then updates would be applied automatically. HTML5 apps also aren't bound to Apple's guidelines, but they don't have direct access to iOS hardware.

The Tech Crunch report also states that Android is in the scopes, but for now Apple's iOS is Facebook's primary target. A Safari-compatible HTML5 platform means that app developers have a chance to reach out to iOS consumers on the iPod Touch devices, iPhones and iPads without having to endure Apple's censorship. Does that mean Facebook's “App Store” will be like Google's Android Market and play host to malware and adult content? Most definitely not.

We expect to hear more about Facebook's HTML5 app platform in the coming weeks.

Apple vs. Samsung battle continues

Back in April, Apple put on their boxing gloves and stepped into the ring with Samsung by accusing the Korean electronics manufacturer of copying its products. The legal battle went on for quite awhile, when in May, the Federal Court asked Samsung to provide Apple with samples of its upcoming and recently released devices so that Apple could inspect them. It looks like Apple isn't satisfied with the original lawsuit.

AllThingsD has reported that Apple filed an amended complaint on Thursday, and includes more Samsung devices that have been accused of copying the iPhone and the iPad. The original complaint that was only 38 pages has almost doubled to a hefty 63 pages. In addition to the previously accused Samsung devices, Apple has added: the Droid Charge, Exhibit 4G, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy S (i9000), Gravity, Infuse 4G, Nexus S 4G, Replenish, Sidekick, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy S II.

How phones like the Sidekick and Infuse 4G ended up there, I have no idea, but it looks like Apple really is going all out to take Samsung down. The two companies have been told by the judge in the case to negotiate with each other, and it has been reported that the top executives of both companies will be meeting up to sort things out. I wonder how all this is going to end.
source: Ubergizmo

Modular music creation app Reactable now available on Android

Reactable is a quote popular iPhone and iPad music generation tool, which uses a weird visual interface to generate sounds and link loops and things together with sequencers. Thereby making music of a sort. It's hard to explain, but does have its own hardcore fan base.

The new Android app costs a pretty hefty €7.99 so here are some stock images from the Android Market listing. We're not risking that amount of money.

Guess you have to be an interested fan in order to know what the hell all that is about. Read more over on the maker's site if you're into quirky mobile music creation.
source: Eurodroid

Brando's iPad 2 Telescope

If the zoom on your iPad 2′s camera wasn't enough then how about adding Brando's iPad 2 Telescope to your iPad? It's not exactly the most conspicuous looking addon but then again neither are most zoom lenses. For $26 what you are getting is a casing that attaches to the back of your iPad 2 which also features a slot where you would attach the telescopic lens which is positioned just above the camera lens.

The telescopic lens will allow you to shoot photos in zoom mode of up to 6 times which will be on top of the iPad 2′s native camera zoom. According to Brando's website the telescopic lens doesn't just bring a 6x zoom to the table, but also:

“The new design to run of rays can effectively avoid the contortion of image, and makes the super wide angle, the larger luminous flux, the higher visual acuteness, good for color reduction, which makes the high quality of photography.”

So if getting a zoom lens for your iPad 2 is something you would be interested in just head on down to Brando's website for more details and to place your order.
source: Ubergizmo

Three jailed over iPad 2 leaks

Apple has always guarded new and developing products extremely closely and rumors that workers have to hide the finished product under black covers while they work on them are not uncommon. Despite the drastic measures Apple will go to keep new products a secret until they launch, it's still surprising to hear three people have been jailed for leaking information regarding the iPad 2's design.

PCWorld reports that the Shenzhen Baoan People's Court this month ruled the three had collaborated to steal trade secrets from iPad manufacturer Foxconn. Xiao Chengsong, the head of a Chinese electronics company, is said to have contacted Hou Pengna, a former Foxconn staffer, about obtaining information on the iPad 2 design last summer. Hou in turn funneled 20,000 yuan ($3,090) to Lin Kecheng, a section chief with Foxconn's R&D group who passed on details of the iPad 2's casing. The information was used to manufacturer cases and covers compatible with the iPad 2.

Xiao was sentenced to 18 months and fined 150,000 yuan, while Lin was sentenced to 14 months and fined 100,000 yuan. Hou received the lightest sentence with 12 months in prison and a fine of 30,000 yuan.

American Airlines use iPad app instead of paper navigation charts

American Airlines is certainly down with tablet fever, where they recently started to put Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets as part of the package for their First and Business Class passengers, where those tablets will be able to tap into the inflight Wi-Fi service. Passengers aren't the only ones who will be able “play” around with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 though, since pilots will also be able to have their fair share of fun, thanks to a new test program that will use an iPad. The specially made iPad app will actually be a special FAA-approved app that will provide the pilot with all the navigational information that are contained within the traditional flight bag.

According to American Airlines, the weight reduction will be around 35 pounds, which would eventually help the airline save over $1 million each year. Makes you wonder whether that projection is optimistic or not, as 35 pounds are clearly nothing compared to the variability of passengers' luggage.

Don't you think it is ironic that pilots can use iPads when passengers have to stow away their electronics devices? The FAA will be granting special permission to use the iPad app, and it just goes to show how memberships – or being in a position of authority has its privileges.
source: Ubergizmo

Stance iPad 2 Stand Fits In Cup Holders

Taking your iPod or iPhone to the gym is not unheard of, placing the iPhone on the windscreen of your car to double up as a GPS unit with Google Maps isn't an uncommon scenario either, but what happened to the iPad? If you're looking to give your iPad 2 some loving in the gym or in the car then perhaps the Stance iPad 2 stand may be what you're looking for.

The Stance stand comes with a base that fits in most cup holders, meaning that for some cars the cup holders can be found in between the driver's seat and the front passengers seat, and for gym goers there's a high chance that your treadmill or elliptical trainer or exercise bicycle will come with a cup holder, usually for holding your water bottles, or in this case your iPad 2. So instead of having to view Google Maps on the small screen on the iPhone you will now be able to get a larger view of Google Maps on the iPad 2 while driving, or when working out instead of having to listen to the awful music played at gyms, pop a pair of earphones and watch your favorite shows right from your iPad, or read a book/magazine instead.

If you're hoping to get your hands on the Stance it will set you back $28 and if you want to look at more photos or place an order just head on down to the Quirky website.
source: Ubergizmo

Angry Bird Speakers

Gear4 offers a line of Angry Bird cases for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. They'll soon be adding a line of external speakers to their Angry Bird line. The red bird works with any phone, music player, or tablet with a 3.5mm jack. It comes with a device stand and will sell for $89.99. The black bird has a dock that works with iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It comes with a remote control and will sell for $129.99. The pig with helmet is for iPhone and iPod only. It also comes with a remote and will sell for $119.99.
source: The Gadgeteer

Chinese court sends three people to the slammer for more than a year over iPad leaks

It can be said that Apple has been one of the more successful companies when it comes to keeping secrets of its upcoming devices, so much so that even the iPad and iPhone managed to remain under wraps for the most part even for hours before its official launch. Some companies intend to leverage inside knowledge of upcoming Apple products, such as Shenzhen MacTop Electronics Co., that its general manager Xiao Chengsong actually placed on the table nearly $3,000 (20,000 yuan) and discount on MacTop products in order to bribe former Foxconn employee Hou Pengna for insider information. Pengna contacted Lin Kecheng of Foxconn for images of the back cover of the iPad 2 from last September as a result, which was what MacTop required so that they could start designing cases for Apple's tablet.

The long arm of the law caught up this time around with their shenanigans, where all offending parties were sentenced to at least a year in the slammer, with Xiao Chengsong's sentence being the harshest at 18 months, coupled with a fine of $23,000 (150,000 yuan). As for Lin, he was sentenced to 14 months in prison and a $15,500 (100,000 yuan) fine.

Crime does not pay!
source: Ubergizmo

BBC develops iOS app for mobile reporting

It looks like the iPad and the iPhone got a lot more important to BBC reporters. According to a report by, BBC will be releasing an app that will allow its reporters to send reports in from the field over 3G - using their iOS devices. The app, that should be available within a month will be the opposite of the app it currently offers now (BBC iPlayer).

While consumers use iPlayer on their iOS devices to watch content, journalists will be using this new BBC app to send in reports back to the station. The app will allow reporters to upload images, audio, and audio using an iPhone or iPad - tools which many journalists own today, though sending in photographs taken with the iPad 2 can be quite questionable considering how terrible its camera is.

Using technology to submit news in this fashion can be pretty exciting since it allows journalists to get their content on the air within seconds of finishing a report, giving BBC watchers/subscribers instantaneous news on all the latest events. Expect other news companies to follow suit if BBC pulls this off successfully.
source: Ubergizmo

BBC developing iOS app for field reporters

The BBC is developing an app for their reporters in the field to directly file video, stills and audio from their iPhones and iPads. The app is also designed to broadcast live using a Wi-Fi or 3G signal.

The broadcaster hopes to have the app live within a month, but still needs to secure licenses for the Luci Live audio broadcast technology. The BBC already uses the Luci Live app in the field, reducing their dependency on Wi-Fi, satellites and codex equipment.

With the BBC in cash crunch mode, the idea to repurpose tools already in place is a logical one. While he would not comment on the app's development costs, the BBC's head of operations for newsgathering, Martin Turner, made a point to note that they held no blood oath to Apple or the iPhone.

“Smart phones and portable devices are a crucial part of that, but we are not wedded to the iPhone by any means, it is just one option. We are using it at the moment because it offers us the best combination of features, but it is not the only solution.”
source: Unwired View

STATS: Android leads iOS in ad impressions, but Apple ahead on revenue

Time for a bit of mid-morning MARKET ANALYSIS, courtesy of new mobile phone advertising data published by Millennial Media. During the month of May, the ad platform saw Android devices way ahead in terms of number of ads served across its network, with Android trouncing Apple by 53% to 27%.

However, Apple applications still manage to earn the most money from their ads, with iOS generating 45% of the network's revenue – and Android slightly behind on 43%.

Which means either advertisers are happy to pay a premium to advertise on iOS devices, or Android is home to more apps trying, and failing, to make money through ads alone. Or a mixture of the two. We're not very good at market analysis.

See if you can work out the truth by reading the full Millennial report.

Overboard Waterproof iPad Case

Traditionally, chances were pretty good that in the battle of iPad versus backyard pool, the pool was going to come out on top–until now. Yes, there's a case for that!

The OverBoard Waterproof iPad case will fit both the iPad 1 and 2 and has a Slide Seal System, which protects it from water leaks at depths up to 19 feet. The seal also will protect the iPad from dust, sand, and dirt. If accidentally dropped “overboard”, the case is built to float. A hand loop is part of the back of the case for secure handling. Also included are a shoulder strap and caribineer clip.

The Overboard iPad case is available through Amazon for $44.95.
source: The Gadgeteer

Photofast Introduces a Flashdrive You Can Use with iPhones and iPads

Photofast has introduced a flashdrive that you can use with an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The i-Flashdrive, when used in conjunction with the app you'll be prompted to download for free when you plug the flashdrive into an iOS device, will allow you to do automatic backups of your contacts. You'll be able to copy files from your iOS device to back them up or to transfer them to another iOS device or computer. You can use the i-Flashdrive as a normal USB flashdrive with computers running Windows, OS X, or Linux. The i-Flashdrive will be available in July. An 8GB drive will sell for about $98, 16GB for about $120, and 32GB for about $192.
source: The Gadgeteer

Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand and Car Headrest Mount Holder Review

We've reviewed a few cases for iPad and iPad 2 here at The Gadgeteer. We've also reviewed a few headrest mounts for the iPads. The problem has been that you have to remove the cover to fit the iPad into the headrest mount. Snugg offers a Headrest Mount Holder that is designed to be used with their iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand. Let's give them a closer look.

iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand

This book-style cover for the iPad 2 is made of black polyurethane faux leather with white contrast stitching. The front and back are stiffened for extra protection for the iPad 2 and for better support when used as a stand. The interior of the cover is lined with a black velvety fabric to prevent scratches to the iPad 2's body.

The iPad 2 is held in the case in a frame made of the faux leather. Cutouts leave the front-facing camera and the home button accessible. You slide the iPad 2 into the frame from the left side, then secure it with a wide Velcro strap. There's no way the iPad 2 can fall out of this case.

The case is 9.5" long X 7.5" wide X 0.75" thick. It weighs 9.4 ounces on my digital scale. It does add considerable bulk to the svelte iPad 2.

The front of the case bears the Snugg name - the only branding on this case. There's also a crease near the spine that allows the front cover to fold into a stand. The back has a cutout for the back camera and three holes for the speaker. There's a flap sewn onto the back that anchors the front cover when it's folded back to form the stand.

The inside of the front cover has an elastic hand strap. Slide your hand under this strap to secure your grip while you're holding or carrying your iPad 2.

Two magnets inside the front cover and two on the right side of the frame hold the front cover closed. There's also a magnet that triggers the iPad 2's automatic wake/sleep function. I like this function, and I'm glad the Snugg cover allows me to use it.

The sides of the case are cut to allow access to the buttons and connectors. The stiff back of the case extends a bit beyond the edges of the iPad 2, and this, combined with the frame on the front of the iPad 2, makes it a bit difficult to use the controls. I was afraid the sound would be completely muffled in this cover, but that's not the case. It seems that the hard back bounces the sound toward the front.

Other than the tight access to the controls, the Snugg cover works well as a book-style case. I did notice that the frame covers the bezel and comes right up to the edge of the touchscreen area. That might make it difficult to tap at the extreme edges of the touchscreen; it may also interfere when you're trying to move icons from one screen to another.

The Snugg cover works very well as a stand for the iPad 2. When you flip the front cover back and secure it under the flap on the back, it forms a very stable triangular stand. You'll be able to support the iPad 2 in the horizontal position for watching movies, FaceTime calls, or for when you're using a Bluetooth keyboard. Lay it down, and the Snugg supports the iPad 2 at a good angle for typing on the horizontal on-screen keyboard.

The Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand is a sturdy book-style cover with some nice features. The hand strap helps secure your grip, and the case works as a stable horizontal or typing stand. The front and back covers are protective, but their stiffness, combined with the thin profile, make access to the controls a bit difficult. It can be purchased at Amazon for $29.99.

Snugg iPad 2 Car Headrest Mount Holder

If you want to mount your iPad 2 in your car, you can purchase the iPad 2 Car Headrest Mount Holder. It is also made with the black polyurethane faux leather with white contrast stitching. It has a series of elastic bands that slide down over the headrest and two more straps that wrap around the headrest and buckle in place. This is the only headrest mount I've tried that doesn't require you to remove the headrest or need to be disassembled and reassembled around the headrest support.

You don't need to remove the iPad 2 from its case to use it with the headrest mount. You simply slide the front cover under an elastic band on the front of the holder. Two small, U-shaped plastic clips at the bottom of the headrest mount grip the front cover and hold it in place.

The iPad 2 is held directly in front of the backseat passenger. The iPad cannot be tilted or angled to adjust the view for the passenger, nor can it be moved between the seats so multiple passengers can use it. It can be easily removed when not in use. It doesn't have any stiff arms that intrude into the passenger space.

The iPad 2 Car Headrest Mount Holder is easy to install and easy to remove. Unlike many car-mounting systems, the iPad 2 doesn't have to be case-less to fit. It was designed to work with the Snugg cover. It doesn't allow you to adjust the angle for ease of viewing, though. It can be purchased at Amazon for $25.99.
source: The Gadgeteer

New Apple iPad 3 to come in Q4 with huge display resolution?

Last time we heard about it, the unannounced (and unconfirmed) iPad 3 was supposed to arrive sometime in 2012. This would make sense, since the iPad 2 is still a very young product, being released three months ago (in March).

However, we're now seeing a report published by Reuters, which suggests - based on info gathered from Taiwanese website Economic Daily - that Apple is, in fact, planning to launch the iPad 3 in the fourth quarter of this year.

What's really interesting in this report is that the Taiwanese source says the new iPad "would have image resolution 5-6 times higher than iPad 2." Ok, let's think about this for a bit. Both the original iPad and the iPad 2 have the same 9.7 inch screen with 1024 x 768 pixels, so a new iPad with higher resolution shouldn't be such a big surprise.

But a resolution 5 times higher than 1024 x 768 (786,432 pixels in total) means something like 2400 x 1600 pixels or higher. And that would be insane for a tablet, right? Well, yes and no.

You see, the iPhone 4's 3.5 inch screen has a 960 x 640 pixel resolution, thus 326 PPI (pixels per inch). A 9.7 inch screen - assuming the iPad 3 will use one, and I'm pretty sure it will - with 2400 x 1600 pixels would still have a pixel density lower than the one the iPhone 4's display has - 297 PPI. In the light of this, a new iPad with a huge resolution like that (2400 x 1600 or so) doesn't seem to be such an insane idea. An iPad with Retina Display - why not?

Unfortunately, we'll probably not find out any clear details about the iPad 3 until the day Apple decides to officially unveil it. And this may happen in Q4, as the Taiwanese website reported, since that's also when iOS 5 (which includes more than 200 new features) should be released, too.

Apart from a bumped display resolution, I'd expect Apple's next-gen tablet to feature a better rear camera, as the current model's camera has a surprisingly low resolution, namely 0.7MP (960 x 720 pixels).
source: Unwired View

Apple Denies Request to Show Unreleased iPhone, iPad to ‘Copyist' Samsung

Surprise, surprise. After Apple requested to take a peak at various new and upcoming products from Samsung as part of their lawsuit against the Korean manufacturer, the legal wizards at Samsung thought it might be a good idea to ask for the same in return. Instead of revealing their unreleased iPhone and iPad designs to “the copyist” (yes, that is how Apple refers to Samsung in the most recent filing), Apple responded with claims of harassment. Come on, Samsung. You didn't really think they would show you theirs if you would show them yours, did you?
source: Android Phone

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