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Apple iPad Mini To Sport A 7.85' Display, Cost Around $249!

Apple iPad Mini To Sport A 7.85' Display, Cost Around $249!
In accordance with recent reports of Sharp being involved in the manufacturing of Apple products, the latest report mentions that the iPad Mini will sport a Sharp-manufactured IGZO LCD display, which by virtue of its characteristics, will aid Apple in slimming down the design.

Purportedly, the new iPad will sport a Retina Display and cost between $249 and $299 based on the storage capacity. It's very announcement could trigger its competition with the rest of the world.

Apple iPad Mini's veridical existence could spell doom for the countless Android tablets that are already struggling to compete with the ever-premium and market-dominating full-sized iPads.

While there are no specs on the smaller sized iPad or even a confirmation if that thing is real, there have been multiple reports of a smaller iPad hiding in Apple's sleeve. Source that report this do not have any significant evidence to confirm the truth either.

However, considering the market scenario where smaller sized tablets are more than becoming a norm, it wouldn't seem unfair if Apple too joined the league. On the other hand, observing that Apple has almost always refrained from adopting trends that are most common  until it considers that the time is right.

Take for instance the classic real case of an iPhone with a larger display. Apple held off too long (and even until now) to announce an iPhone with a larger display than 3.5" even as the iPhone is breaking into a fifth generation product while the rest of the smartphone industry was raining with devices sporting over 4" in size or significantly larger.

While analysts believe that Apple will announce the iPad Mini to meet demand for smaller tablets, there is no established evidence of Apple iPad Mini being on the horizon, but considering that Apple may evolve its stereotyped 3.5" display sized iPhone to a 4" or bigger one with the release of the unannounced iPhone 5, the possibility of a smaller iPad too seems (at least slightly) substantial.

Is this an indication that we might probably see something interesting this October besides the iPhone 5? Only time will tell.

We will keep you posted as more details surface. Stay tuned!

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