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IScilloscope: $300 Kit Turns iPad, iPhone into Multitouch Oscilloscope

Oscium should have called its iPad oscilloscope kit the iScilloscope
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When I saw the Oscium iMSO-104 oscilloscope, I smacked my forehead with my open palm and cried “Of course!” What could be more sensible than taking a bulky, expensive piece of hardware and shrinking it down to fit in an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch?

The iMSO-104 is a combination of a free app and a hardware kit which attaches via dock connector. With these two parts, you have a mixed signal oscilloscope. This isn't an oscilloscope which plays it coy, one day flirting with you and the next refusing your calls. The mixed signals in this case are digital and analog. You get one analog input and four digital, and you can choose to display the signals from any or all on the screen together.

Using the computing power and display of your iDevice means that, according to Oscium, this is the world's smallest oscilloscope. That's neat and all, but it would be a waste if the iPad's touch screen wasn't used.

Happily, it is. Swipe up and down to change the analog input level. Pinch to zoom the axes in and out, and tap and drag to move the input readouts just where you want them.

The app is free to try out, and can be grabbed from the App Store right now. The iMSO-104 kit is just shy of $300, and the first batch — due to ship April 29th — has already sold out. More should be coming soon.


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